Teddy Bear coats were the IT outwear piece in the 70’s, and it is back as hot as ever. I resisted the “trend” last year when I saw these jackets and coats all over my Instagram feed…but I gave in and they are worth the hype.


My reasoning for giving in was that I was weighing my options for staying warm: puffy jacket or teddy bear coat? This winter, teddy bear coat all the way.

There are so many ways to wear teddy bear coat styles, but I personally love to wear mine with other textures, like velvet or faux leather. This pullover is more casual, but I have been wearing it with faux leather leggings and faux suede over the knee boots. Perfection. Plus it’s comfortable and WARM.





Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard the term “basic bitch”. The term has become so basic, am I right? I am always trying not to be a basic-B, to wear what I love and not what every other person is wearing, and to stay true to my style. But how? Let’s talk.

Ignore the media: If there is a certain trend that everyone is wearing and you’re seeing it on social media, in magazines, on billboards etc, and you hate it, do not buy into it. Listen to your inner fashionista!

Say F-you to your fears: Have you thought about wearing a hot pink sweater paired with a sequin skirt, but you thought, “people will look at me like I’m crazy!”? Yeah, I have too. All the time, in fact. Work on ignoring that voice and wear it loud and proud.

Get inspired: Everyone says ‘be original’, and yes, that’s great, but you don’t build your aesthetic based on nothing at all. We’re all inspired by different people, places, experiences, and things. Draw all of that in – from looking at fashion history to different cultures, places you’ve gone, street styles you love, and acquire what you like from it. This is not to say copy exactly, just draw from details, colors, silhouettes, and vibes that you love.



Cold weather dressing. I’m usually perplexed when I have to dress for cold weather because it just feels so repetitive. Sweater, check…jeans, check…sweater dress, check. Repeat. I love these staples, but I’m always looking for pieces with luxe details so I don’t feel so damn BORING.

I am one who gets cold very easily – don’t judge me, please! I know many of you are in much colder climates but I am just a total wimp, so the warmer, the better. I am that person who has the car heater going when it’s 65 degrees and below outside.

Thankfully chenille sweaters are all the rage this fall, and I am not mad about it.

You probably have a closet stocked with tons of cozy sweaters, but that doesn’t mean that your collection is complete. Mine wasn’t until a few weeks ago. Enter: chenille. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, you will know it when you see it and feel it in real life. It kind of looks like velvet, but it has a fab chunky knit to it. The best thing about chenille sweaters? They’re not itchy.

I don’t want to admit how many chenille sweaters I got, but here are a bunch that I’ve purchased and some that are on my wishlist. 




Every girl likes to feel a little (or a lot) glamorous. Am I right?

I love being a girl. My family and friends would tell you that since day 1, I have been a girly girl. It’s in my genetic makeup. I was always that little girl who wanted to get into any makeup that I could, and Barbie was my favorite toy. Not much has changed!

There is so much power in being a badass glamour girl. When you step into that feeling, you can unlock so much inspiration. Personally, I feel my best when I feel glam. For me, that means wearing some dainty jewelry (Miranda Frye is my favorite), wearing my favorite perfume (Santal 33 is ah-mazing and gender-less), having a fresh manicure and pedicure, and being in a clean house. Let’s not forget having a couple of candles burning. When I have these things going for me, I get my best work done, I’m a better friend, and a better partner.

Here are my top tips on feeling more glam:

Decide on the kind of world you desire to live and create it for yourself.  

Know the feeling of the world you desire to live in.  Each day, create the essence of that world for yourself.

Invest in the Details of Your Life.  

Glamour is all about creating FEELING into your everyday life. You can do this with so many little things such as decadent candles, music, fresh flowers around your home just to name a few. These are all an affordable access into glamorous living. It really is the little things!

How do you raise your level of glam? If you haven’t thought about it, try making a list and checking it off daily, weekly, or monthly. You won’t regret it because it feels so damn good.

xo, Lynn