TGIF, BABES. I’m in a treat-yo-self kind of mood this Friday.

Even when you want to #treatyoself, that doesn’t need to mean dropping tons of money on designer. So…today I thought it would be fun to round up my personal favorite Amazon designer dupes.

But first, a disclaimer.

I’ve personally always been a designer dupes consumer. Why? Because I love the look of designer, but don’t want to spend the money. And, if you’ve been reading here for awhile, you know that I don’t buy leather goods. Usually leather and designer go hand-in-hand, unfortunately. When I was in high school, I totally rocked a fake Louis Vuitton Murakami. Yikes! Now, I do save for designer purchases, but they are VERY few and far between.

Before I list my picks, I have to mention that there is a difference between a FAKE and a lookalike/dupe. For example, a brand trying to pass their bag as “Chanel” when it is not. That would be counterfit and fake. But inspired by designs are perfectly fine in my eyes. There are VERY strict qualifiers for luxury branding. For example, Tiffany’s literally owns the color “Tiffany Blue.” This is probably why you don’t see other jewelry companies selling boxes or items in this color. If they did, it’d be a bit shady. 

SO. Let’s get into designer dupes on Amazon. I’ve listed the designer items on top with the Amazon options as links below. 


Hermes Blanket:

Cult Gaia Tote:

Celine Sunglasses:

Chanel Classic Jumbo Bag in White:

Chanel Classic Jumbo Bag in Black:

Gucci Slides:

Valentino Rockstuds:

How do you feel about designer dupes? Are you totally against them? Or love them?

xo, Lynn

Vegan shoes. That term is not very sexy, is it? The struggle is REAL to find chic and well made shoes that are made without leather or suede. Sad, right? 

It’s always a game to find shoes. Yes, it can be frustrating, especially when I see a pair of shoes that are just so gorgeous but they’re made of leather…but it can also be fun. The hunt and the score of finding some amazing shoes that meet your criteria is so rewarding.

So, I’ve scoured the internet (and Target) to bring you the BEST vegan summer shoe options. I own all of these shoes and I LOVE them. 

Where are your favorite places to shop for vegan shoes and accessories?

Please share!

xo, Lynn

It feels like summer is already in full swing…it seems like we totally skipped over spring, does it not? 

I am a denim person year round, but there’s nothing I love more than distressed and effortless looking denim. And I feel like that style is just so SUMMER. I love all of the fun colors that are coming back into denim styles, like the pink jacket I’m wearing here. Remember when colored jeans were SO HOT? Now it’s all about the colored denim jacket. I like to roll the sleeves a bit like I did here and wear it off the shoulder a la Kim Kardashian for a cool summer look. 

Shop the best denim for summer below! 

xo, Lynn

I never thought I would say that I love mom jeans…but I do. Not the kind that give you a FUPA or the acid wash kind, but modern mom jeans…AKA high waisted denim.

Let’s go back to 2001. I was wearing low-waisted EVERYTHING. Not a good look! I took it so far, too. Have you seen the Scary Movie series? I was so inspired by Kathleen Robertson as Theo with her low-waisted jeans and her g-string popping out the top. So I wore this look for awhile – HOW BAD IS THAT?! I don’t think it can get much worse.

My closet is now filled with only mid and hi-rise jeans, and I just started experimenting with the straight hem. LOVE IT. Try a straight hem jean especially if you are curvy and want to balance everything out. I linked my favorite pair below. 

I like to style my mom jeans/hi-rise jeans with a blouse tucked in to really accentuate the hourglass look or wear a more cropped top like I am here. The high waist sucks everything in when you have the right pair of jeans. The best part? When you bend over, there are no plumber moments. 

A tip when shopping for mom jeans: look for jeans that have back pockets placed higher to make your butt look perkier and aim for a little distressing. A little distressing makes your whole look more effortless.

Do you own a pair of mom jeans? Love them/hate them? Let me know!

xo, Lynn


I’m a known evangelist for vegan leather goods, and bags are my favorite accessory to shop for. As with anything that is usually made with animal products, buying well made bags that are NOT crunchy looking can be hard to come by. Add on not cheap looking to that list. Usually, vegan bags are cheaper than real leather bags…which can sometimes mean that quality is compromised. More on that in a bit. 

Even though vegan bags are usually less pricey,  I’m not one to pay a 9586869 million dollars for bag that is not just perfect. It has to have a very specific look (for what I’m going for and to fit in with my lifestyle). Not covered in logos, not flimsy. The list goes on.  

Solarfun handbag – on Amazon for under $20!

Tips for Shopping for Vegan Handbags

  1. Go for the classic look. Think Chanel minus the leather. I like buying bags that have an added dose of personality…but it can’t be too crazy. For example, this bag above is so gorgeous and classic, but the chain strap makes it a little more edgy. 
  2. Choose a neutral color to start off – neutral color bags automatically look more expensive. My favorite neutrals for bags are nude, black, and white. 
  3. If you’re going for something a little more BAM an flashy, go for a spicy red or a metallic. 

The best places to shop for vegan handbags:


+ Topshop

+ Beyond Skin

+ Stella McCartney

I picked up these sparkly babies at Topshop over the weekend – I LOVE some sparkle!