Well, hello! If you’ve been here awhile, you know that I am fitness obsessed. Before you want to punch me in the face for that, know that it took me a good year to fall in love with the gym when I first started going routinely 8 years ago. 

Being the tester of new exercise routines that I am, I had to try BBG and PWR on the Sweat app because everyone and their grandma’s talk about it. I had to see what the buzz was about. I asked on Instastories if you all wanted a review and my experience and opinions on BBG & PWR, so here I am. 

First, a disclaimer: I have been lifting weights for several years and I have taken about a million exercise classes from Bodypump to pilates to spin. I am no stranger to working out – but that doesn’t make me a know-it-all. It just means that I have experience and wasn’t starting from scratch when I started using the Sweat app.

Let’s start with what the Sweat app is. 

It was created by Kayla Itsines and it is now home to her famous BBG (Bikini Body Guide) workout programs. In 2017, the Sweat app added two new trainers, Kelsey Wells and Sjana Elise with their workout programs. Kelsey Well’s program focuses on weight lifting and is called PWR. If you’ve seen her on Instagram, you know that her body is AMAZING.

BBG/The Sweat app has an incredible community unlike any other fitness community in the world – check out the hashtag #bbgcommunity on Instagram. Insane! 

Here is what a typical workout looks like in the PWR section: 

1. Activation exercise circuits

The timer starts for 4 minutes and you complete the first activation exercise for a specific amount of reps and then move on to the second exercise for a specific amount of reps. You repeat this until the timer runs out. 

2. Pyramid Sets

The pyramid set section is usually where the weight lifting starts. There are 3 weight lifting exercises to complete in each pyramid, and you are not timed. You just need to complete each pyramid.

3. Supersets

The supersets are similar to the activation exercise circuits. For the supersets, the timer will start for 6 minutes and you’ll do a specific number of reps for the first exercise. You’ll then do the same for the second exercise. 

Following the second exercise, the app will give you a 30-second rest. The main 6-min timer still ticks during the rest period, so the 30-second rests contribute to the time. If you wanted to get more out of the workout rather than resting, you could skip that time and continue the circuit. 

Following the rest, you will repeat the circuit until the time runs out. 

After the timer runs out, you’ll have another rest break and then will start the second superset. This is the same as the first except with new exercises. Once the 6 minutes are up, you’re all done with the workout! 

When you have a lot of weight to lose, usually any exercise program accompanied by clean eating will result in weight loss. While I lost minimal weight (because my eating stayed consistent from before and this wasn’t my first time doing these types of exercises), my first round of PWR (12 weeks) of the program provided me with more variety to my usual workouts. There were lots of moves that I had never done before, thus making me very SORE which I loved. 

Having completed two full rounds of the PWR program, and 5 weeks of Kelsey’s PWR 2.0 program, it was evident that lots of research and applied science went into the creation of the program.

So, why did I quit?


I started to dread the monotony of the circuits and I began bribing myself to do the next circuit. This became really annoying as the weeks went on. I even started to add on some of my own workouts or replace the app workouts with my own.


The PWR (and BBG) workouts are organized to include two muscle groups, such as Legs and Shoulders. While changing it up is great, I prefer to stick with upper body or lower body, or a specific muscle group if I really want to train a certain area. The combinations messed up my usual flow and it bugged me.

The verdict: PWR is great for anyone who wants to lift weights and learn new moves. However, the program as a whole is not flexible if you want to introduce training splits or want variety. 

Have you tried BBG or PWR? Tell me about your experience!

Xo, Lynn

Who else is OBSESSED with Amazon? I had to share my most recent Amazon favorites and finds – from stainless steel straws to salon profession curling irons. 

Tell me what your Amazon favorites are by leaving me a comment on the video!



Hi! I was thinking it’s about time I do a post more about ME. My intention with this blog is not to make it about me, but I thought this would be a fun way for you to get to know me a little better. For all of you who have followed me since 2010 (If you followed my first blog, Beautiful Things Diary – LOL) you probably know A LOT). 

I feel like, with blogging and being on YouTube, there are so many questions I have about the person. I love it most when bloggers and YouTubers talk about REAL SHIT. We’ve all seen the pretty photos, the bunches of roses, pretty sunsets on beach vacations all over Instagram, and while these are inspiring, I think that it’s so important to go deeper. 

So, here we go!


1. Before I was born, my parents thought I was going to be a boy, and my name was going to be Scott. When I was a born and they saw that I wasn’t a boy, they named me Lynn Michelle. I’m kinda sorta named after my great grandmother, Lila. I actually have no idea where Michelle came from, but when I was younger, I wanted to go by Michelle instead of Lynn because it was more ‘interesting’ and girly to me at the time. 

2. I have always been a SUPER intuitive person. One of my super powers is that I usually know when someone is pregnant before they share their news. This year, I’ve known about 3 pregnancies before I was told. But this has been happening since I was very young, like 4 years old. Oh, the joy of pretending to be surprised! 

3. I have a phobia of blood draws. Even typing that up makes me queasy. I fainted watching one, which is where I think the phobia began. I don’t love needles, but I CAN handle injections and BOTOX. Go figure. 

4. I studied pre-med as a minor in college and I interned as a Labor and Delivery Assistant in a hospital for three years. I wanted to deliver babies (this was seriously the most incredible experience – there is NOTHING like it)…but I quickly learned that the needles part would hinder me, as well as the time and money that needed to be invested into medical school. I knew deep down that what I really want(ed) in life was to be my own boss. 

5. My first job was at a boutique pet store. Not the kind where they sold poor bred puppies and kittens, but a shop that sold fancy leashes, toys, and food. I HATED retail and bow down to those who work in retail. 

6. I am a pisces and am a TRUE pieces. See above for some of this, but I am totally a water person and love swimming. Totally fitting with my name, which means: Waterfall; Pretty; A Cascade; Lake; Pool; Pond. Another fact tied into this one: I swam competitively (which I hated, the competitive part) in high school.

7. I am not a morning person and I never have been. I wish I was, so badly, and I am slowly trying to work on this. I hate feeling like I’ve wasted the day waking up at 9 am! 

8. I traveled to Australia in junior high for a month, which instilled a sense of major adventure in me. I LOVE to travel – it is one of my biggest passions. 

9. I thought that I would be a mom of 3 by the time I was 28 years old. HA HA! At 31, I have no kids and I’m fine with it. Although I DO feel the societal an internal clock pressure. 

10. I am very weird and picky with food. This blog post would be a mile long if I went into everything, but I am very choosy when it comes to meat. I don’t eat any dairy after a horrific experience at the California State Fair, where I witnessed a calf birth. The calf was immediately taken from its mother because she was a dairy cow. I will spare you the rest of the details because they are so fucking sad. But when I got home, I researched and researched and decided that was it, no more dairy. Plus it makes me feel like total crap. I love sushi and I love BREAD. My mom’s nickname for me at one point was “BREADHEAD”.





Pastels are just so flattering on everyone! I love a good pastel moment – they remind me of St. Tropez…even though I’ve never been. HA!

It’s no surprise that pastels are EVERYWHERE now after being seen all over New York Fashion Week runways. 

How to wear pastels: 

+ Find pastel shades that flatter you – my favorite pastel shade is pink/blush because I think that it brings out the best in my skin and hair color. Pink is also my favorite color (can you tell?). Stick to one pastel color per outfit. Think all parma violet, bubblegum pink lemon sorbet, pistachio green…

+ Go for clothing items that have clean lines, such as a suit. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pastel suit! I try to steer clear of lots of ruffles and girly shapes when I wear pastels. The clean lines really give a pastel piece or outfit a modern look.

+ Pair pastels with distressed denim, a faux leather jacket, or white. Love a good crisp white with a pastel item! So chic. 


If cardio was a person, he/she would be plain old BORING. Boring because it’s just about as fun as staring at a wall. 

Of course running specifically trims you up faster than any other kind of exercise. I shared in my latest video that I am upping my fitness game, and running is one thing I am diving head first into. I am BIG on weight lifting. I LOVE it. Pop on a podcast or music, and I can lift weights for a solid hour. And that’s what I have been doing consistently for the past several years. There have been periods where I’ve done consistent cardio in there too, and those were the times that I was at my best, in my personal opinion. Where I looked and felt my best. 

On the bright side of the bore, INTERVALS are even better than straight running. I know never to say never, but I’m very tempted to say that I don’t think I could ever run for 30+ minutes straight. Luckily for me, intervals are where we see the most change and provide amazing health benefits. Doing intervals really revs up your metabolism and aids in major fat loss.

Since I hate running outside (also a plus side because I like to stay out of the sun), I always run on a treadmill. Running on a treadmill helps me track my time, speed, and mileage so easily. 

Here’s my exact treadmill workout (it will leave you SWEATY as hell):

+ Walk at a regular pace for 2 minutes (3.2 speed for me)

+ Jog for 2 minutes (6 speed for me)

+ Walk for 1 minute

+ Walk at a 9 incline at 3 speed for 2 minutes

+ Walk for 2 minutes at 3.2

+ Sprint for 1 minute (7 speed)

…And then repeat for 45 minutes, or an hour if I’m feeling really into it. 

What helps me GET INTO IT? The Real Housewives. Specifically, The Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills. 100% of my Bravo TV watching is done on the treadmill. I’m currently on season 6 of RHOBH and I think Yolanda’s divorce is impending…

Seriously, anything that can provide a good distraction works wonders. I would not be able to run for 45+ minutes even with just music. I’m still able to track my intervals and maintain them while watching a show on my ipad mini. Best investment ever, by the way! 

My cardio days are now FUN. I look forward to them because I want to catch up on my fave Bravo show. Whatever works, right?!

Ok, runners: any tips? Please share!

xo, Lynn