There are so many different brow styles that have evolved over the last few years, and my favorite by far is the NATURAL look. It never goes out of style.

I will admit that I did get into the Instagram brow look, you know, the look with very sharp edges with no hair definition. Since microbalding has become so popular, the Instagram brow look has slowly faded.


Scalp facials. Yes, you read that right: facials for your scalp. I heard about scalp facials awhile back and have never had one done in a salon, but when I found dpHue’s Salt Scrub and ACV rinse, I decided to try a DIY scalp facial.

Scalp facials are new to the US, but they’ve been popular for over 15 years in Japan. They treat issues such as oiliness and dryness by clearing all of the debris living on your scalp that clogs your hair follicles.

dpHUE’s Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub With Pink Himalayan Sea Salt exfoliates the scalp, removing dead skin cells, product buildup and rebalances pH. It is made with craft-produced Apple Cider Vinegar, its antimicrobial properties gently remove impurities from your hair. The fine grain and coarse grain Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, renowned for its detoxifying qualities, work as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and product build up from your scalp and hair follicle. Infused with Avocado Oil and Aloe Vera to soothe and calm the scalp and enhanced with color-locking technology to protect color treated hair. Amazing, right?

The ACV Rinse is a substitute for shampoo or conditioner and contains all natural ingredients: argan oil, lavender extract, and aloe vera. This rinse restores your color and makes your hair vibrant and shiny.

Let’s get into how I give myself a scalp facial with these products:

♡ Before getting in the shower, I apply the salt scrub to my scalp. Separate your hair where you need to so that it can be applied directly to the scalp.

♡ Hop in the shower and scrub your scalp, and give yourself a massage by rubbing in small, circular motions. This feels so good and relieves tension.

Rinse the scrub off, and then apply the ACV rinse on your scalp to the ends of your hair. Leave on for as long or as little time as you’d like. Rinse.

That’s it! I have used this combo 5 times now and would recommend doing so at least once a month to give yourself a good refresh. With psoriasis, I plan to continue doing this treatment twice monthly.

Have you tried a scalp facial? Let me know!

xo, Lynn


Charleston is one of my new favorite places ever. Everything is so pink (so me!) and the setting is like a movie. Willow trees and lush greenery at every turn, and also the nicest people you’ll meet.

I wanted to provide the 411 on what to do, where to go, and all of the food and drink details.

Kiawah Island

Only 21 miles from Charleston, Kiawah Island is so luxurious full of pristine, white sand beaches and lots of shopping and dining options. The 2016 Condé Nast Traveler Magazine named Kiawah Island No. 1 Island in North America in its latest Readers’ Choice Poll. When you visit, note that the only public beach is at Beachwalker Park. We visited during the week, and had the place just about to ourselves. Being the silly Californian that I am, I was shocked that the water temperature was in the 80’s (I looked it up after feeling it). At Beachwalker Park, you can rent chairs and an umbrella and relax all day.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Wow, wow, wow was this place just gorgeous. The garden is the largest romantic style garden in the United States. Unlike most of America’s gardens, which are formal and seek to control nature, Magnolia cooperates with nature to create a tranquil landscape like Eden where humanity and nature are in harmony. “Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth Magnolia

Magnolia Plantation was selected as one of “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens” (Travel + Leisure Magazine) and that is not a surprise at all.

The plantation was founded in 1676, having been right in the thick of both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The Plantation sits along the Ashley River in Charleston and boasts plenty of swamp land, including some in the garden area. When we visited, we saw a sign for alligators, saw lots of butterflies, and a snake (to my horror – you can see more on my saved Instastories under ‘Travel’).

I highly recommend doing at least one of the tours there in addition to walking through the garden, which takes about an hour. We toured the Plantation home and learned about the family history.

King Street Shopping

We stayed at Hyatt Place on King Street, which was such a treat because the entire street is lined with amazing restaurants and shops. What I loved about King Street shopping was that there were a limited number of touristy shops. You know what I’m talking about – those stores that carry cheesy T-shirts and ball caps. Instead, many of the shops were boutiques with unique items. My favorites were:

Skinny Dip

Skinny Dip carries such cute clothes, candles, and art. Upstairs, there is a coffee and wine bar that is just the cutest. We enjoyed a frozé on the porch in between shopping stops.


Lily is a beautifully curated Parisian style boutique. Lily carries beautiful stationery, jewelry, accessories, and bath and home provisions directly from the makers. Kevin, the owner, was so kind to explain who made certain items in his store and it was fascinating to learn about his travels to purchase bespoke items for his store.


Hampden is a gorgeous, spacious boutique carrying women’s designer clothing and accessories. Some of the fabulous designers include Ulla Johnson, Carven, and Vivetta among many others.

The Darling Oyster Bar

This might be a weird recommendation from someone who does not eat oysters, however, I am big on seafood and this place is amazing. The Darling Oyster Bar is glamorous yet modern, everything is fresh, and the drinks are on par too. If oysters are your cup of tea, you can choose from an array of oysters from the Lowcountry. If you visit for dinner, you can’t go wrong with ordering the scallops or the shrimp. Jeff loved their grits too.

The Battery

The Battery runs along East Bay Street. Right before the Battery, you’ll see a long row of pastel-colored houses known as Rainbow Row. The pastel colors were originally intended to match a Caribbean color scheme. So fun, right? As you continue walking, the homes get bigger as do the southern style porches. It is such a beautiful walk as the homes face the Cooper River.

Isle of the Palms

While you’re in Charleston, you must take a trip to the beach (if you don’t get to Kiawah Island). Isle of The Palms is only about 15 minutes away from downtown Charleston, and it is the cutest vacation spot. The beaches are beautiful.

We’re working on editing a Charleston vlog this weekend with lots more on where we went, what we did, and where we ate. Stay tuned for it to go up next week on my YouTube channel!

xo, Lynn

photo credit: Pinterest

Today’s post is brought to you by a recent funk that I had been in, and I was desperate to snap out of it ASAP. I’m sure you’ve had days like this, yeah? Sometimes it happens for what seems like no reason.

I want to share all of the things that I do to snap out of it quickly. Before I get into it, I’m not implying that I am a professional when it comes to therapy or counseling. I don’t have it all together, but these are methods that really help.