Summer is HERE and that means that it is harder to get dressed everyday. At least it is for me…

All I feel like wearing are T-shirts and cut-off shorts. AKA B-O-R-I-N-G. I’m all about upgrading my outfits (and really everything else in life) to make them my own. How? All with accessories.

Killer accessories really can change your whole look as well as how you feel. Here are my best summer accessories…


My biggest tip for losing weight, toning up, shrinking in general? INTERVALS, AKA HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Intervals make for the perfect cardio sessions for so many reasons. The benefits?

Glad you asked.


I have an entire cabinet filled with smoothie ingredients. No, not because I think I’m fancy…it’s because I can never find the time to waltz around the kitchen and prepare a breakfast that involves cooking of any kind. I’m one who sleeps in as late as possible (currently trying to change this situation, but more on that another day).

I need something quick, healthy, and efficient in the morning, and this smoothie checks all of the boxes. I bought Body Love by Kelly LeVeque about a year ago, and love her advice on smoothies, AKA the FAB FOUR SMOOTHIE.

Wait, what is the fab four smoothie?