• Why I ditched oils for my skin

    Storytime: a little over one month ago, I was laying in bed, nursing my baby, on my phone, and stopped in my tracks when Dr. Stefani Kappel's reel popped up about how if you have dry skin or want to ...

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    Why I ditched oils for my skin
  • The sun, your skin, and sunscreen

    Well, hi. Just in time for summer, this post is all about the sun and your skin. This is a topic that I have researched extensively - it is a topic of one of my early days' blog posts too - circa ...

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    The sun, your skin, and sunscreen
  • Pregnancy Nutrition: Taboo Edition

    First things first: I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice. However I AM sharing my journey and what has worked for me. Please do your own research, and take what you like and leave what ...

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    Pregnancy Nutrition: Taboo Edition
  • Self-love journal prompts

    Happy Valentines Day! Are you celebrating with some sassy plans? Or not really a fan? Regardless of your relationship status, you already have the perfect person in your life...YOU! I thought ...

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    Self-love journal prompts

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