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Lashify: DIY Lash Extensions

I’ve always been a lash fanatic. Having fluttery lashes at all times just makes getting ready so much easier, and so much more glam. Amiright? I have tried it allll when it comes to lash enhancements…eyelash extensions at the salon,…

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DIY Luxurious Scalp Mask

This stuff is like a spa date in a bottle. I set out to find the most impactful scalp treatment ingredients to make my own and it does not disappoint. If you have dry scalp, psoriasis, or just want a…

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All Gussied Up 2.0

Hi, hello! Long time no see. I am so excited and energized to be back here, giving this blog some love for you.  I started this blog in 2009 as a creative outlet while I was in college, and there…

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