Cover FX Foundation
Cover FX Foundation

A self-professed makeup-a-holic and lover of FULL coverage foundation, I am so excited to share my new favorite foundation with you! Growing up with rosacea and having it linger into my twenties has made me self-conscious about going out bare-faced. As a teenager, I wore a Clinique cover stick foundation, heavily applied to hide all traces of redness. Then I moved up to MAC’s Studio Fix foundation (still one of my favorites). I’ve tried so many foundations, and have a small handful of favorites, but I am so very impressed with the Cover FX line of foundations/face products. Recently I have been revamping my lifestyle to be more conscious of what I put in and on my body. For me, that means making tweaks to my diet and researching where my food and beauty products come from. Luckily the Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation is cruelty and gluten free, talc free, paraben free, and is a stellar full-coverage, silky product.

The shades: My shade is N40. The colors available are broken down into three categories: N (neutral), P (pink), and G (golden). I was very impressed with the range of colors; probably the best range I have seen from any brand before. Each letter (P, G, and N) has a wide range of colors.

The wear: Applied with or without primer (I have worn it both ways), this foundation stays put. It has stood the test of spin class, weight lifting, and running. It does not budge. Giving a silky finish, it looks natural but gives GREAT coverage. I was impressed that I did not feel the need to apply concealer around my mouth, chin, and nose as I usually do. This foundation is not dewy, nor matte, it just gives a soft, satin finish to your skin. In the photo above, I am not wearing any concealer or powder over the foundation with the exception of under my eyes. 


-Lasts all day

-Great coverage; covers redness

-No odor

-Cruelty free

-Takes very little product

-Great packaging


-Price ($40 for a tube)

If you decide to try this foundation, please let me know what you think of it!