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With a new year brings new trends (and some old) that I’m ready to welcome into my wardrobe – and others that I’m ready to see go buh-bye. After doing some market research and learning about insider info from Bloomingdales sales and seeing what was hot on recent runways, I have the top trends for 2017 as well as what is being phased out. 


Stripes are timeless, and I doubt they will ever go out of style. They add extra interest to an otherwise plain tee. I’m really loving chunky stripes and also pinstripes. Shirt dresses are going to be huge next year, and I love the striped shirt dress above which meshes the two trends together for a chic, put together yet effortless look.


Surprise, surprise. When are florals NOT in fashion? I love a good girly floral dress. Take it a step further with an embroidered floral piece – this is going to be HUGE for Spring 2017!

Moto Everything

I love how the moto style adds edge to an outfit. A good faux leather moto jacket makes you look instantly cool. On my wishlist right now is a pair of moto leggings for the gym – see above. How badass are they?! Love.

Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are already making a big comeback, and they are replacing those billowy, off the shoulder tops. I love the look of a more refined blouse with statement sleeves! 


I am SO glad that the athleisure trend is here to stay! Along with athlesiure is of course sneakers! Out with those ugly white sneakers and in with cool, colorful and embellished sneaks. 

What are you loving for 2017? Anything you want to see go?

xoxo, Lynn