During the winter, everything gets drier. Your scalp, hair, nails, skin, etc. It’s the worst! As someone who deals with borderline psoriasis on my scalp as well as very dry hair, it gets a million times worse during the winter. My sister told me that I have the course-ist hair ever (ha), and compared to her, I do have very course hair that needs a lot of extra TLC. Here are all of my healthy & shiny hair secrets:


This mask smells fucking ah-mazing! If you’re in the market for a new hair mask, this is it! Not only does it smell divine, it moisturizes the driest hair. In the shower, it feels like your hair has been wrapped in silk. Everything about it is luxurious from the packaging to the feel. Many times I just use this mask as my conditioner because 1. my hair loves it and 2. love that glam feeling.


This tonic works wonders! I spray it on my hair while it is damp, before drying, or before I let it air dry. Either way, I end up with volumized, bouncy hair. This product is extra loved because it’s FABULOUS for those of us who hate layers. it still adds volume even if you have zero layers. LOVE! 


This one is a two-fer. I use this oil after the volumizing tonic to protect my hair from heat styling, and then again after my hair is styled to add texture (twirl your hair around with this oil and you’ll love the results!) and also to get rid of flyaways. 


For those of you naturally shiny hair, well aren’t you lucky. For everyone else, you’ve probably wondered how to achieve that gorgeous, bouncy, Herbal Essences commercial hair vibe. I did before I discovered Kenra’s Shine Spray. After styling your hair and using everything else on it, spray the shine spray all over your hair and you will instantly have shining hair! It’s not greasy looking or feeling at all.