Taking care of the skin on your body is just as important as taking care of the skin on your face. I have more recently adopted my own advice after realizing that I was seriously neglecting my body. 

My top two tips:

1. Use natural, vegan products. Putting harsh chemicals on your skin is not the best idea, especially if you have sensitive skin. I like to use products that contain natural, vegan ingredients that were not tested on animals. If you have the choice to buy cruelty free/vegan, why not?! 

2. Use lots of oils. I use oils for just about everything: skincare, haircare, cleaning, health care, and the list goes on. I am obsessed with oils. 

My body skincare faves that I cannot live without:

1. The Dry Brush: If you’re not dry brushing, you are seriously missing out. Not only does dry brushing help shed dead skin cells, it also helps immensely with keeping ingrown hairs to a minimum/none at all. Dry brushing also improves your circulation and lymphatic drainage. To get the most out of draining your lymphs, dry brush towards your heart (always) on dry skin, before showering. I pay extra attention to my underarms/bicep areas because that is where you’ll benefit the most from lymphatic drainage. Many dry brushes are made with boar hair (AKA not vegan or cruelty free), but I found this AMAZING brush made from cactus and all natural wood on Amazon. 

2. Unrefined Coconut Oil: I could go on and on and on about coconut oil, but I will stick to its use as a body skincare product here. I always buy unrefined, AKA unfiltered coconut oil because refined coconut oils are sometimes bleached and filtered. The best use for coconut oil pertaining to body care is to use it while shaving. If you’re like me, you have tried every shaving cream under the sun, even the ones that claim to be for sensitive skin. Nothing works quite like coconut oil for shaving, and I don’t think I will ever use anything else. The oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized without feeling sticky or slimy. 

3. Jason Rosewater: A FAB vegan body cleanser that smells so good. Ladies, it’s perfect for you and for your man. Jeff and I share this one and it doesn’t scream girly, so don’t let the rosewater name scare you away. This body wash contains natural oils and vitamins E and B5 to keep you skin looking glowy.

4. BIC Men’s Sensitive Skin Razor: I have searched high and low for the perfect razor that doesn’t invite razor burn and skin irritation. Unfortunately it was hard to find, but I’m so glad that I discovered these razors. They key to these is that they do not contain a moisture strip, AKA that little stripe at the top of the razor that “moisturizes” your skin while you shave. Ladies, those moisture strips are full of crap. Literally. Bad chemicals that just invite those hairs to get trapped under your skin. Another big plus to these ones is that they are SUPER cheap!

5. Glo Therapeutics Body Exfoliant: Let’s get real here. We’ve all had bumps in places that we’d rather not have bumps at all. Butt zits? No thanks. Really, this stuff is fantastic for helping to clear those not-so-pretty bumps wherever they may on your body. Or maybe you’re lucky, and you don’t have any bumps (damn you! JK. Kind of.) and just want to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Either way, this exfoliant is perfect for maintaining smooth, glowing skin as it contains lactic acid, salicylic acid, and lavender oil (again with the oils – I tell you, they are a must!).

What are your body care go-to products?