Hey hey! Happy Thursday! I’m so nervous yet excited to share this post with you. It’s one I’ve wanted to share for a long time but I didn’t know how. My spiritual awakening has been a long yet fulfilling process, and it’s also difficult to share in terms of expressing the HOW. It’s not something that’s tangible, ya know? 

I’m writing this post because I know that many of you are going through an awakening and I have some tips to share with you. But I also want to share my story to give you a background.

I feel like awakenings aren’t talked about much, probably because people fear being called crazy or feel they’ll be misunderstood. I want to do my part to break this stigma!

My awakening story started back in 2013 when I got divorced. Omigod am I terrified to share this. So…ever since I was little, since I can remember, my intuition has been STRONG. I can read people, situations, and as an empath, I really feel and understand what others are experiencing. Even without spoken words. I had always listened to my heart as a child – most children do – and as we become adults, we use our hearts less to make decisions. 

I knew intuitively that my marriage was not going to last before I got married. I had shared this after my divorce with some people close to me and one came down hard with judgement, which maybe you’re thinking too as to why I went through with it if I had this intuition. The simplistic answer is that I ignored my feelings and I went with my brain vs. my heart. 

Fast-forward to the divorce. As I was going through it, I gained an understanding and knowing that I could create my own happiness and wholeness. You know that saying, “it is what it is”? Well, that’s what I really recognized. I accepted that this was my path and that listening to my heart would never serve me wrong. It was hard as hell but afterward, things in my life really started to align. I had the choice to pave the path being guided and protected. My wisdom was back and I promised myself I’d never let it go again.

Then, in 2020, probably like many of you, I was forced to face everything (good and bad) about my life and myself when the world shut down. What do you do when you’re not going anywhere, seeing anyone outside of your immediate family/housemates, the economy is basically shut down etc? You find what’s missing from within. In March and April of 2020, my awakening shifted into high gear. It became more spiritual than before. This has nothing to do with religion, BTW. There are so many facets to this awakening, but through learning more about injustices that our world is and was facing at that time, the truth about many things being snuffed out by the mainstream media and beyond, I developed a muscle to reallllllllly trust my own intuition and the truth like never before. Side note: I’ve heard people ask, “how do you know what the truth is?” on any given topic. My advice is to follow the truth you authentically feel to be true and aligned with YOU.

There was also a realization that we are all one. I began to notice so many synchronicities and coincidences in the world around me. It was and is wild. I heard the saying, “Coincidences are God’s/The Universe’s way of staying anonymous”. LOVE that! 

When faced with taking a look at my life though, I realized that I have the power to create my own reality. I understand that I have the ability to access deep corners of my mind and have the power to create a positive experience for myself and for others. And that is my purpose. 

Becoming whole, if you will, and integrating the mind, body, and soul is a challenge. It’s a life long project for sure.

4 tips for going through your spiritual awakening 🔮
  1. Rest. This was personally very difficult for me at first – I always like to be doing something. Making plans, having an agenda for the day and week ahead. So this was really hard for me to begin implementing and honestly I began to have no choice at first when the world shut down last year. I do schedule down time in my calendar now to make sure that I get it in. A few ways that I like to get my rest and alone time in are walks outside, hikes (nature is the best medicine), massages, yoga, weight lifting meditation, and journaling. It’s so easy to distract ourselves and try to never be alone (even if that just means scrolling on social media). Being around others all the time, distractions such as social media, numbing with alcohol or food take time away from knowing our truth.
  1. Meditate. My favorite ways to get meditation in are meditating while walking in nature and/or by following an Insight Timer meditation. It is the best app for meditation!
  1. Journal and automatic writing. Automatic writing is exactly what it sounds like. Grab a journal and don’t even think about a prompt etc. Write down whatever comes to mind. You will be surprised by how getting your thoughts and feelings out works for the mind. 
  1. Eat organic. It’s still easy to find ‘organic’ foods that are highly processed, by the way. Avoiding fast food and highly processed foods will make you feel amazing vs. lethargic, weak, and sick. Personal story: when I stopped living a vegan lifestyle, I began buying consciously raised meat, eggs, and dairy.

xx Lynn