Sometimes the most overlooked wardrobe pieces are the most essential. T-Shirts are the #1 clothing item that I reach for just about everyday. And until recently, I only had a few. Stupid, right? I always go for pretty dresses and unique pieces, but my closet was in desperate need of T-Shirts! Tees are just so comfortable, easy to wear, and can be dressed up in a pinch. This one from Topshop is my favorite right now – I love the detail on the sleeves!

Good tees can be hard to find. Every clothing retailer sells them, but so few actually have a great, flattering fit and are good quality. My criteria for the perfect T-Shirt includes: must be relaxes but not overly baggy, no crop tops, and soft. All of that is surprisingly difficult to find! 

I went on a mission to find the BEST tees, and I have them for you. Cute, simple, and super flattering for all body shapes. I’m currently wearing this Adidas tee…I know, I know…it is the most BASIC-B tee right now but I don’t care. Love the boyfriend fit!


What are your favorite tees? I’m always looking for good ones!

xo, Lynn