Tank: Nike, similar | Top: Zella | Leggings: Zella, similar | Shoes: EGO | Jacket: Zara, similar | Bag: Alexandra K c/o Beyond Vegan Bags | Sunglasses: LeSpecs

I am so glad that athleisure has become a ‘thing’. I remember watching What Not to Wear 10+ years ago, and listening to Stacy and Clinton rail on those ladies who liked to wear their yoga pants out and about (outside of yoga)…and I thought, ‘shit, I love wearing my sweats and yoga pants out in public’. But I did it anyway, and the athlesiure look has remained my absolute favorite kind of outfit to wear. 

Not only is it comfortable, but I think it’s become such a popular ‘look’ because it’s associated with feeling good, and also looking good. When you exercise, you feel great, and the clothes you wear when exercising are associated with those happy endorphins. *This is my Psychology degree in use.* 

My favorite way to wear the look without totally looking like I just worked out is to layer athletic pieces with a faux leather jacket on top…and sometimes adding in a black baseball hat. 

Are you into this look? 

xoxo, Lynn