Do any of you avoid Black Friday in-store shopping like the plague? The last time I went, I had never seen so many fights breaking out over parking and lines in my life. My sister even had to get out of my car and stand in the spot we were waiting for because a crazy was trying to steal it. 

No thanks, not anymore. We live in the age of the INTERNET where we can access the same, if not better deals online minus the stress. I like to sit around, eating leftover mashed potatoes and gravy while shopping to my heart’s content. 

For those of you who are also shopping from the comfort of your home today, here is the best of the best Black Friday deals:

Nordstrom: 20% off sale items

Beyond Bags: 20% off sitewide (get my black bag HERE).

Baublebar: 30% off EVERYTHING

Amazon: Up to 80% off!

Neiman Marcus: Up to 60% off.

INPINK: Up to 50% off!

Anthropologie: 30% off EVERYTHING.