I’m just now starting to think about wedding outfits – you know, the ones aside from the dress. While I don’t want to look back on photos 10+ years from now and say ‘WTF’, that’s inevitable, isn’t it? Styles change, trends change, what can ya do? I’m embracing what I love and as of now, I don’t really care what I’ll think down the road.

One outfit that I am LOVING for all things bridal: jumpsuits. I can’t get enough.

My tips for shopping for jumpsuits for your bridal festivities, or just in general:

♡ Wide leg jumpsuits are flattering on every body shape. They help balance a large chest, make petite gals look taller, and are generally more comfy!

♡ Go for a jumpsuit that defines your waist. Cinching or a tie at the waist is so flattering and sexy.

♡ Wear stiletto sandals or slim/pointy toe heels with a jumpsuit if you opt for a wide leg. The skinnier shoe will help to balance a wide leg.