I love lipstick and lip glosses, and these items are my favorite makeup products to buy. I can never have enough. 

I have experimented a lot with different tones, and there are some that are just not for me during anytime of the year. It is so easy to pick the wrong shade of lipstick, and the ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ shades depend on your skin tone and hair color. 

I have a light to medium complexion, depending on whether or not I have self tanned. Cool tones always work best no matter how tan or light I am. If I wear an orange-y red, or a warm brown shade on my lips, it really brings out the warmth, pinks and browns in my skin. Browns especially, which sucks because there are so many pretty (for other people) shades of brown that just accentuate the look of a mustache on me. So cute, right?! 😉

My motto for summer shades is ‘light and bright’. I stick to cool tones as usual. An added bonus of using cool toned lip products: they make your teeth look extra white.

My favorite cool tones summer shades:

1. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bosworth’s Beauty: As the description says, this lipstick is reminiscent of Old Hollywood vibes. It’s glam, but wearable during the daytime too. 

2. ColourPop Ultra Glossy Lip in WeHo: I recently ordered this lip gloss, and it became an instant favorite. I have been wearing it NON STOP. For only $6, this gloss is very impressive. It’s super glossy (for those like me who love a glossy lip), and it is the absolute perfect cool-toned nude. 

3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul: I’m not usually one to wear liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks during the summer, but this one is an exception. The NYX lip creams feel like velvet on the lips, AKA they are not drying. This color is so unique…it’s pink, but not too pink. It’s really the perfect everyday pink.

4. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Kim K W: This one has become my favorite nude lipstick. It’s not too brown and not too pink, just the absolute perfect nude with a slight pink hue. Top it with the WeHo gloss and you have yourself a GORGEOUS nude lip! 

Tell me – what are your favorite summer lipstick/gloss shades?

xo, Lynn

As the temperature continues to rise, (seriously, it’s HOT AS HELL) the more important it is to use a primer. Why spend so much time on perfecting the perfect makeup look only to have it melt off after an hour or two?

Makeup primers really help maintain the freshness of your skin and your overall look. And there are more than just foundation primers! My mascara primer is a huge game changer when it comes to lashes. If you want FULL, false looking eyelashes without having to apply them, try a mascara primer. Really. Trust me. This one from L’Oreal is amazing. It separates, lengthens, and thickens your lashes before applying your regular mascara.

My eyelid primer from Urban Decay is the best of the best because it is yellow toned to combat redness, and it provides a nice base for eyeshadow (or not!).

I have incredibly dry skin, even during the summer months, so I use a hydrating foundation primer on top of the 800 moisturizers and oils I use under my makeup. This one from NYX is so affordable, it doesn’t ball up (like 90% of the primers I have tried), and it provides a beautiful, smooth base for foundation.

Do you have a favorite primer? Maybe a lip primer? I’m on the hunt for a good one!

xo, Lynn



Sometimes, when I tell people I have gotten lip fillers or Dysport/Botox, I get a judge-y response. Or a big surprised face in response, like it’s a huge deal. Of course it is a big deal – but it’s a personal choice and it’s not invasive. I have noticed that a lot of women feel the need to lie. I feel very good about the decisions I have made for MYSELF and I am not ashamed. My decisions are made in an informed way. 

About 5 years ago, I remember noticing super fine lines in my forehead, usually while sitting at my vanity with the sun pouring in as I went through my skin care and morning makeup routine. I didn’t like what I saw, but an injectable to treat it was not an option in my mind as I was mostly just terrified. Terrified that it would hurt, terrified that I would be judged because some people view injectables as being on par with plastic surgery (which I personally have absolutely no problems with), and because I just hate needles.

So, I left my forehead alone. Until I had the opportunity to try botox with a bunch of other bay area bloggers. I had the worst anxiety beforehand, but after I had it done, I felt ridiculously stupid for being so scared. It was painless. And so quick. Since then, I haven’t looked back, and now Dysport is my forehead injectable of choice. 

Let’s pause for just a minute. I am not telling anyone to get any procedure done, whether it’s botox, Dysport, plastic surgery, Restalyne, you get it. I would never tell you to do anything. My goal here is to share my experience with women (and men) who might be interested. 

Injectables are something that a lot of women and men are doing and are NOT discussing it. So here I am.

Ok, Let’s discuss DYSPORT.

Dysport prevents future wrinkles if it is maintained, and it reduces/eliminates the appearance of wrinkles. It kicks in 2-5 days after it is injected, and it is just about PAINLESS. It feels like the tiniest pin prick you could imagine. It is also QUICK. The entire Dysport injecting experience took about one minute, maybe less.

Last week, I had my most recent “dose” of Dysport injected into my forehead at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery, which is by far the most incredible Med Spa I have ever been to. Dr. Ronan performed the injections, and I was blown away by his eye for aesthetics and his expertise injecting. It was the most minimal amount of pain I have experienced.

Now let’s talk LIP INJECTIONS.

It seems like everyone and their mother have been getting their lips done since the Kylie Jenner craze, which is still going strong.

I had been interested in lip fillers long before then, but again, was too afraid to try it. I had heard that it lip fillers are incredibly painful. I watched YouTube video after YouTube video on others’ experiences with lip fillers, and thought, NOPE, not for me. 

And then I grew some lady balls and I tried it. I had the same anticipation anxiety, and then was like, “what, that’s it?!”

I asked Dr. Ronan if he would be using a numbing cream on my lips before injecting, and he said no. That just about made me run out the door to my car. He explained that using a numbing cream is kind of a placebo, and it numbs everything including the inside of your mouth which just isn’t fun. Restalyne Silk is what he used in my lips. Restalyne Silk is formulated with lidocaine, which is a numbing medication. So, when the teeny tiny needle is injected, the lidocaine numbs you. It was SO EASY and PAINLESS. Take that from someone who is beyond terrified of needles and pain. 

The lip injection process took about two minutes or less to complete. 

Before getting either procedure done, I indicated that I wanted to be conservative. No Real Housewives BS for me. And that is exactly what I got.

Before I left Blackhawk Plastic Surgery once my injections were done, I signed up for a VIP beauty membership. What does that mean? I pay a minimal price on a monthly basis to go in and maintain the Dysport and Restalyne Silk instead of paying upwards of $600 each time I visit.

More perks of the Vip Beauty Membership:

• You get invited to VIP parties

• Memberships start at $50/month

• You receive free gifts/sample skin care items

All of this is seriously genius. I know many people, myself included, who do not want to pay a large amount of money at once…and if you do, you may be hesitant to do it again because of the cost. This beauty membership takes all of that financial burden away and allows you to maintain your beautiful results.

Lastly, EVERYONE at the office is just so nice. The office itself is beautiful and relaxing. 

Now tell me: have you tried injectables? Or have you been interested in trying them? Let me know!

xoxo, Lynn

We’ve all seen extensions that LOOK like extensions. You know, extra glossy, plastic looking hair or the mushroom head look. Not ideal.

First things first: invest in high quality, real, human hair. I have tried several different brands of hair extensions, and The Hair Shop’s hair is the absolute best. It is extremely high quality, and I also love that they have such a wide variety of colors and color applications. For example – they have solid colors, highlights, ombré, balayage, and more. 

I am wearing a mix of two different colors,  610 and P640.

The 610 color is available in the 22″ 6 piece and 7 piece sets. HERE is the link. P640 is available in other sets – I ordered the Skinny Clip In’s to add more volume and dimension.

Next, have your extensions cut by a professional. Do not take matters into your own hands (literally). Trust me from experience! 

I had these cut at a salon to blend seamlessly with my natural hair. They were 22 inch long extensions, and they are now about 20-21 inches. Ask your stylist to cut your extensions very conservatively as far as length goes, because you can always go shorter later.

After having my extensions cut, I removed and labeled each piece with an explanation of where it is to be clipped in next time. Example: Above ear right. I store each piece in a bag along with the sticky note label, so that I know exactly where to clip them in each time. This way, your face framing layers won’t be stuck to the back of your head.

+ If you have thin hair, tease it at the root so that your extensions have something to grab onto. This will keep them very secure. 

+ I do not clip my extensions in any higher than about an inch above ear level, and I recommend this for most, as you don’t want any wefts showing when you move, dance, bend over etc. 

+ Style your hair AFTER clipping the extensions in. You can see that my natural hair is not yet blended with the extensions in the photo above. If you’re curling your extensions, make sure to combine your natural hair with the extensions each time you wrap it through the iron to create a seamless look.

+ This face shows how I feel about those shorter pieces of natural hair that love to peek out from underneath, making the extensions look fake. Yes, there’s a solution for that…

+ Grab a clear hair elastic, gather all of your natural hair below the first set of clip-ins, tie it in a ponytail, and then pin it up with a bobby pin.

I know this sounds exhausting, but it’s really not. Let me know if you have any extensions tips and tricks. I’m always learning new, inventive ways to wear them.

xo, Lynn


If the first thing you think of when you hear the word Coachella is ‘flower crown’ or ‘hippie’ – you are wrong – at least this year! The flower crown trend is departing and making way for HAIR JEWELRY. Which I love. I’ve never been one to embrace anything hippie other than my eating habits. Clothes, hair, accessories? No thanks. I’m more of a glam lover, so when I started to see festival looks coming up featuring ornate crowns and hair pieces, I had to create my own look. 

I still pulled this look together with some festival-inspired elements: the super long hair (thanks to THESE amazing hair extensions), and four hair twists to wrap around my head, secured under my hair jewelry. I don’t know what else to call it – it was originally a headband. I cut the ribbons to tie it off, and I secured it to the back of my head with bobby pins. I think it gives a much more badass vibe than wearing it as a bridal-y headband. 

Let’s talk about the extensions. I have used probably 5 different brands before, and I was BLOWN AWAY when I received THESE extensions from The Hair Shop. They are the most natural looking extensions I have seen or touched. The wefts are not thick – which is not a bad thing, because they lay flat to your head. No lumps = not fake looking. Another thing that I really like about these extensions is that they come in so many different shades and lengths. I haven’t ever seen as many options to choose from as far as color selection goes before. I really like that these ones have some highlights running through for added dimension. I am wearing a mixture of 610 and P640, and they blend perfectly with my hair color. If you’re unsure of what color might be best for you, The Hair Shop’s customer service team is the cream of the crop. Jessica and Sarah are there every step of the way if you need help.

And I have a special discount just for you to use on any set of extensions at The Hair Shop! Use code GUSSIEDUP at checkout for 20% off. How fab is that?

What are your thoughts on this year’s festival hair trend and the jewelry for hair trend? 

xoxo, Lynn

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