We all know that the best way to plan ahead with what to wear is to pick out your outfit the night before. Check the forecast, choose your outfit, accessories, and shoes so they’re all ready to go. Anything to make things EASY, right?

But it doesn’t always go that way, at least not for me.

When I don’t have time to put an outfit together in advance, I usually always go for the same STAPLE outfit.

GO-TO Outfit Whenever I’m Pressed For TIME:

The top: I love rocker tee’s because they add personality to your outfit while still being very easy to wear. You can find rocker tee’s at so many places, like Forever 21, Urban Outfitter’s, Revolve, and ShopBop. This one is my favorite, from Revolve.

The jewelry: Coco Chanel once said, “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” Great advice if you’re one to pile on the jewels. Side note: I used to! Right now I love to wear dainty yet edgy accessories and I stick to only a few. They add an extra punch to your look without taking over your outfit. My favorite pieces are from Miranda Frye.

The jeans: I am a total jeans girl. I live in them. Fun story about these jeans: back when the Rachel Zoe project was on TV, I became obsessed with flares. I bought this pair from JBrand — same pair that Rachel always wore, and wore them to death. A couple of years later, I lost some weight, had them taken in, and I didn’t fit into them again until recently. Score! I am really loving flares again because they’re just so fun, and they are super flattering if worn right. Make sure that they’re not too long (not dragging on the ground) and not too short.

The jacket: A black faux leather jacket will always be a staple for me. Love this biker jacket from BlankNYC.

The sunglasses: Any pair of oversized black sunglasses are my go-to. I bought this pair on Amazon years ago, and wear them all the time.

The shoes: Fun fact – pointy toe shoes pair perfectly with flares. A pair of black or white pumps add some polish to this look!

xo, Lynn


via Gfycat

Have you seen someone wearing layered dainty jewelry and it just looks so effortless?

I am all about that look, and have learned that dainty jewelry can complete any look, but it has to be done well.

My best tips for necklace layering:

♡ Make sure each of your necklaces is a different length. This is probably the most important tip because major overlap just starts to look messy.

♡ Consider the neck line of your top or dress. Personally, I like to wear layered necklaces with V-neck tops best because that neckline serves as a kind of frame for the necklaces.

♡ Mix and match metals. I’m a total gold girl, but love mixing gold and rose gold. Mixing silver and gold or silver and rose gold etc. looks more unique and effortless.

♡ Add a personal touch. This could be an engraved bar necklace, a pendant with your zodiac sign, a name necklace, or another personalized necklace. The longest gold necklace I’m wearing here was my Grandpa’s favorite necklace and the zodiac necklace makes the whole look a little more personalized.







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Booties are THE shoe of winter. They’re chic & totally IN. I’m loving them more than ever this season, even more than over the knee boots. Why? Because they elongate my body (even though I’m already tall) and I find that they’re very flattering on all shapes and sizes. If you’re a short girl, booties will be your BFF.

Here are my favorite ways to wear booties:


Booties look so chic and streamlined tucked into skinny jeans. My best top is to wear jeggings or skinny jeans on the tighter side, at least at the ankle to avoid bunching.


Love this look when it’s a monochromatic vibe. For example, to keep a long clean line, pair a LBD with black tights and a pair of black booties. So chic! This is such a great way to ‘update’ your look.

If you go bare legged, opt for nude booties to keep that elongated effect.


This is my favorite way to wear booties, and I’ve been rocking this look pretty much every day this fall/winter. Especially with a pair of faux leather booties WITH the faux leather leggings, your legs will look a mile long.

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Let’s get REAL about Black Friday. Who goes out and actually shops in stores on Black Friday?

…And why not sit in your stretchy pajamas and shop online, when you can get the deals from the comfort of your computer or phone? We live in an age where everything is online, and can shop to our heart’s content while eating Thanksgiving leftovers and sitting in front of the TV.

The last time I went out on Black Friday was a complete shit show. My sister and I braved it together…and it was so bad that she actually got out of my car to physically stand in a parking spot so that someone else wouldn’t snatch it. LOL.

I will be hanging out and shopping from my laptop on Friday, in COMFORT.

With that, here is where I will be shopping and some of my picks:

AMAZON: the deals vary. Up to 80% off!!


ASOS: Up to 60% off


NORDSTROM: Up to 60% off select items

H&M: 20% off your purchase of $75 + free shipping