I have an entire cabinet filled with smoothie ingredients. No, not because I think I’m fancy…it’s because I can never find the time to waltz around the kitchen and prepare a breakfast that involves cooking of any kind. I’m one who sleeps in as late as possible (currently trying to change this situation, but more on that another day).

I need something quick, healthy, and efficient in the morning, and this smoothie checks all of the boxes. I bought Body Love by Kelly LeVeque about a year ago, and love her advice on smoothies, AKA the FAB FOUR SMOOTHIE.

Wait, what is the fab four smoothie?


Hello! Let’s talk SKIN.

I have been a skincare fanatic since my early twenties. Before that, it was NOT. GOOD. Sun, tanning, not knowing how to take care of my skin. Just all bad. Now, I invest in my skincare rather than overdoing the makeup.

Today I am showing you my complete morning skincare routine. Does it seem like a lot to you? Or not too bad? Let me know. With that:


If cardio was a person, he/she would be plain old BORING. Boring because it’s just about as fun as staring at a wall. 

Of course running specifically trims you up faster than any other kind of exercise. I shared in my latest video that I am upping my fitness game, and running is one thing I am diving head first into. I am BIG on weight lifting. I LOVE it. Pop on a podcast or music, and I can lift weights for a solid hour. And that’s what I have been doing consistently for the past several years. There have been periods where I’ve done consistent cardio in there too, and those were the times that I was at my best, in my personal opinion. Where I looked and felt my best. 

On the bright side of the bore, INTERVALS are even better than straight running. I know never to say never, but I’m very tempted to say that I don’t think I could ever run for 30+ minutes straight. Luckily for me, intervals are where we see the most change and provide amazing health benefits. Doing intervals really revs up your metabolism and aids in major fat loss.

Since I hate running outside (also a plus side because I like to stay out of the sun), I always run on a treadmill. Running on a treadmill helps me track my time, speed, and mileage so easily. 

Here’s my exact treadmill workout (it will leave you SWEATY as hell):

+ Walk at a regular pace for 2 minutes (3.2 speed for me)

+ Jog for 2 minutes (6 speed for me)

+ Walk for 1 minute

+ Walk at a 9 incline at 3 speed for 2 minutes

+ Walk for 2 minutes at 3.2

+ Sprint for 1 minute (7 speed)

…And then repeat for 45 minutes, or an hour if I’m feeling really into it. 

What helps me GET INTO IT? The Real Housewives. Specifically, The Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills. 100% of my Bravo TV watching is done on the treadmill. I’m currently on season 6 of RHOBH and I think Yolanda’s divorce is impending…

Seriously, anything that can provide a good distraction works wonders. I would not be able to run for 45+ minutes even with just music. I’m still able to track my intervals and maintain them while watching a show on my ipad mini. Best investment ever, by the way! 

My cardio days are now FUN. I look forward to them because I want to catch up on my fave Bravo show. Whatever works, right?!

Ok, runners: any tips? Please share!

xo, Lynn

Thanks to genetics, I have mild scalp psoriasis (among a few other skin issues), which is BEYOND frustrating to deal with. Unfortunately there is no cure , but there are ways to manage these issues. Let me say that dry scalp is a little different than having psoriasis or eczema…it’s more mild and usually flares up due to weather changes. But the other two are usually ongoing, but can really flare up at times.

I have tried a million potions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, and prescriptions and unfortunately not a whole lot has worked for me. My scalp psoriasis is like a nagging little bitch that just will not go away! If you suffer from any of these issues, you have probably tried it all too.

While I haven’t cured myself, I have discovered a few ways to keep my scalp psoriasis in check over the last 6 months or so. Yes, it took me 20 freaking YEARS to figure this out!


For years, my mom would bathe my scalp in baby oil to make those pesky, disgusting flakes go away. A few years ago, my dermatologist told me that baby oil is actually very drying for people who have scalp psoriasis and that coconut oil would work a lot better. I have been using coconut oil on my scalp ever since, and it truly works. What kind? Make sure it’s unrefined coconut oil – Costco sells a huge tub of this stuff for $20! Make sure that you store it in a cool, dry place. 

Keep in mind that a little goes a very long way. take a teaspoon amount and then from there, take a very small amount, rub it between your fingers, and apply directly to the scalp. Try to avoid getting too much of the oil in your hair. Because it will be a fucking nightmare to wash out! If you’re short on time, leave it on as long as you can, or even better, sleep with the oil on your scalp and then wash your hair in the morning. Not only will your scalp feel amazing, but your hair will also be silky smooth. I recommend doing this at least once a month, or more if you have the time.


Briogeo Scalp Revival Shampoo is AH-MAZING! I cannot tell you how many shampoos I’ve gone through. All natural shampoos, homemade shampoos, prescription shampoos, dry scalp shampoos…99% of them do not work for me. As an aside: if you can avoid it, do not use a steroid shampoo (AKA a prescription). While these work, the risks are so not worth it. 

I bought the Briogeo shampoo a few months ago, thinking it was not going to work. Well, it has consistently worked for me and I can’t sign its praises enough. Never have I used a shampoo with exfoliating beads before! The ingredients are pretty cool: charcoal, peppermint, tea tree oil, and coconut oil..among others. I love that when I wash my hair, dryness doesn’t appear 10 minutes after washing (that was a consistent theme for me for years and years). 

Not only does it smell so good, it feels good too! Your scalp and hair will feel so clean, but not stripped.


This one is kind of sad, for me at least. If you’ve read this blog for awhile, you might know that I used to go a VERY LONG TIME without washing my hair…and for awhile, it was okay because my hair was so dry. 

Honestly, I hate(d) the itchy feeling and started washing my hair every other day, and now my hair is accustomed to that pattern. If I go any longer, my hair gets so greasy and extra itchy. It’s just gross. The lazy girl in me hates this, but I also love it because nothing beats feeling clean and fresh. 


99% of the time, I let my hair air dry, and then I will use a flat iron or a curling iron. The point is to avoid direct heat on the scalp (blow drying). 

Do you deal with any of these issues? What has helped you?