Pastels are just so flattering on everyone! I love a good pastel moment – they remind me of St. Tropez…even though I’ve never been. HA!

It’s no surprise that pastels are EVERYWHERE now after being seen all over New York Fashion Week runways. 

How to wear pastels: 

+ Find pastel shades that flatter you – my favorite pastel shade is pink/blush because I think that it brings out the best in my skin and hair color. Pink is also my favorite color (can you tell?). Stick to one pastel color per outfit. Think all parma violet, bubblegum pink lemon sorbet, pistachio green…

+ Go for clothing items that have clean lines, such as a suit. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pastel suit! I try to steer clear of lots of ruffles and girly shapes when I wear pastels. The clean lines really give a pastel piece or outfit a modern look.

+ Pair pastels with distressed denim, a faux leather jacket, or white. Love a good crisp white with a pastel item! So chic. 


You know I am the queen of neutrals. I wear a lot of black, a lot of blush, a lot of nude, as well as white. One of my favorite pairs of shoes are my white Gucci-esque loafers…however I’ve been finding myself leaning towards darker pairs of shoes lately, like black, gold, and nude. I started making mental notes of what I was pairing those white shoes with and why they looked weird to me with some outfits.


It all has to do with hair. Yep, hair color. When I was blonde, I wore so much more white. I even wore white sunglasses, which now look really harsh on me. I tested this theory out, and shopping for neutrals that match your hair really works if you’re trying to discover your neutral color. Mine is nude/blush. My hair is a dark BRONDE (it’s a color, okay?) right now, so I can switch it up between darker colors like black and dark brown as well. But the overall color of my hair matches nude clothing and accessories so well. 

I like to sprinkle in nudes throughout my outfits. Maybe it’s a nude top with any color on bottom, paired with nude shoes. Or a colorful outfit with nude accessories. Just let the look be balanced and I promise you will look so put together.

If your hair is dark, invest in darker items – black will never do you wrong. If you are bronde or have lighter brown hair, go for the nudes, grays, and even a light shade of olive green. If you’re blonde, well aren’t you lucky! Go for whites and light blushes. 

xo, Lynn

I recently read a quote that said, “If I worked out as much as I wore workout clothes, I would be super fit”. So very true for me! I live in leggings. More on that later this week. 

Excited to share this video with you guys because these items are my HOLY GRAIL, absolutely must have items for working out. 

Let me know what your fitness faves are in the comment section of my video!

xo, Lynn




Jean jackets should be a staple in your closet because they’re just so easy to throw on over literally anything.

What’s crazy is that I didn’t own one until a couple of months ago…and now I get why everyone LOVES them. I have one in light blue and one in black…next up is white!

They’re timeless… jean jackets have always been in style, even if they were tie-dyed in the 80’s. 

You can throw them over your favorite tee, a sexy black jumpsuit, or a simple tank top & jeans. I personally like my jean jackets a tad oversized (think boyfriend style). If you really want that IN RIGHT NOW look, wear it off of one shoulder a la Kim K Style, like below. Note that this is a total fashion girl thing in the most uncomfortable way possible. 

Jean jackets are definitely not a splurge item – you can find so many good ones under $100. I’ve rounded up the ones I’m wearing above and more faves:

xo, Lynn