Attention offbeat brides: it’s freaking HARD to find invites that are not overdone and boring. At least it was for me.

Our wedding is going to be dark and dramatic, and there was not much to turn to as far as invitation inspiration goes. I am so lucky that Jeff has amazing graphic design skills, and that my dad owns a printing business.

But then they had to deal with me. The pickiest client ever. Yes, those are words straight from my dad’s mouth.

I LOVE how our invitation suite turned out. I wanted them to be modern, glam, and dramatic. The entire suite was designed by myself and Jeff, but I wanted to share some tips and steps that could be useful whether you’re designing your own invitation suite, or picking them out to be customized for you.

Step 1: Choose your color theme

One of our colors is black, and since I wanted some drama, we went with black for the main invitation and for the information card. The black paper is letter-pressed with gold foil, and I love the contrast!

Step 2: Pick your style

Picking out what style you want for your suite will help set the tone of your wedding once you have your color(s) picked. Going with a modern and dramatic theme, we picked out three fonts that reflect modern and dramatic: a sans serif font and two scripty fonts. If you’re designing your own invitations, I highly recommend using 2-3 fonts to make your suite more “design-y”.

Step 3: Include all information needed & package your suite

The information that should be included on your invitation should include:

WHO: You’ll obviously want to include your names, but also perhaps your hosts, such as your parents.

WHAT: A wedding of course! State a line inviting guests to a wedding, or get creative with different wording.

WHEN: A formal invitation would have the full date and time spelled out, but this is your preference. As long as you have the month, day, year and ceremony start time.

WHERE: Your venue location would be listed here, but not necessarily the full address on a modern invitation. But do list the city and state underneath.

OPTIONAL: Add a quick note about reception to follow and/or make a note about attire on the very bottom, if you want to communicate this information.

The information card includes an invite to our welcome party and our wedding website details, along with our wedding hashtag. And then there’s the map. A map is definitely not necessary, however, since our wedding is a destination wedding, we thought it would be helpful for our guests.

Packaging: I have always loved the look of vellum (transluscent paper), and knew I wanted it included with the suite. I had researched so many different ways to tie all of the paperwork together neatly, I really love the look of a simple tri-fold envelopment. The vellum outer layer gives a little sneak peek at what’s inside, sealed with a bronze wax seal.

P.S. If you want to see how we did the wax seals, watch my Instastories under my “wedding” stories on Instagram.

Hope you found this helpful!

xo, Lynn

With the new year, I’m starting off with a huge BANG: a PODCAST!

For awhile now, I have really started to get bored with Instagram, and blogging is one dimensional, and I really want to be able to connect more with YOU. There is only so much “here is what makeup I’m loving” or “here are my favorite heels!” that I can handle as a blogger; I want to open the flood gates and just talk to you.

My podcast is going to be fun, cheeky, inspirational, and motivating. At least that is my biggest hope for it.

SO: Please subscribe and join in on the fun! I would LOVE for you to email me with podcast episode ideas too.



Oils, oils, oils. Anyone else obsessed with oils? I have talked about coconut oil, oils for your diffuser, and oils for your face here on the blog. Now let’s talk about oil fragrance. I purchased a couple of oil fragrances online a few months ago, and I am IN LOVE. The fragrance lasts so much longer than a regular spray perfume, and the smell is so much more rich. Plus, it’s so much better for your skin than alcohol based fragrance. Don’t believe me? Check this out via Ambre Blends:

Now let’s get to my ALL TIME favorite oil fragrance in the world. Yep, it’s that good. Egyptian Musk by Kuumba Made. I buy it at Whole Foods for $10.99, and it is just a bottle of pure magic. The scent is like no other. As a pre-teen and young teenager, I was obsessed with White Musk. Does anyone remember that fragrance? I LOVED it. Well, Egyptian Musk smells pretty similar and it’s much better for you than White Musk a la the above information.

I love the smell because it’s not overly perfume-y, you know, like a guy who has spritzed himself to oblivion in cologne because he thinks it’s sexy, or like someone who has just tried all of the perfumes at the duty-free shop at the airport. And yeah, that HAS been me before.

The musk blends in with your skin to give you a kind of custom smell. Ok, now this is starting to sound a bit creepy. But stay with me. It just smells sexy and clean, at least to me. I find myself smelling my wrists several times a day because it’s just so amazing. It’s elegant and chic because it is in no way overpowering.

Tip: apply the oil right after you get out of the shower, and it’ll stick even better. I like to do this with my facial oils as well.

So, if you are someone who wants to smell chic and elegant, you will love this fragrance.

xo, Lynn

I love beautiful things. Fun fact: this blog was named Beautiful Things Diary (insert crying laughing emoji here) back when I launched it in 2008. Whether it’s a beautiful vase, a vintage piece of jewelry, or a pretty coffee mug, I am here for those little luxuries. Pretty things just make your environment so much better. I love how the simplest, most inexpensive items can help your space feel more like you do on the inside. For me personally, I like my space to be clean and glam.

You do not need to invest a bunch of money into curating your environment. Here are 6 ways to raise the glam vibes:

They are:

  1. Curate a beautiful coffee mug collection. Ok, this might sound so small and silly…but it is so nice to wake up and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing) in a beautiful mug. My favorites are a simple white mug and clear mugs from Crate and Barrel. These are both so elegant in my opinion, and they remind me of drinking coffee in a luxurious hotel room.
  2. Use uniform hangers in your closet. I love my black felt hangers! Not only are they sleek, but they are also space saving because of their shape and thin-ness. Your clothes will stay on the hangers much easier, and won’t have those stretched out shoulders like you experience sometimes with wire hangers. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re shopping at a fancy boutique right inside your own closet.
  3. Invest in comfy and pretty pajamas. Do you immediately take your bra off when you get home? ME TOO. The second I get home for the day, I put on comfy clothes. I am one who will wear anything at home, as long as it’s comfortable, including worn out sweats. BUT I have learned that I just feel so much better if I am wearing pajamas that are pretty AND comfortable. They just up the vibe, you know? I love these ones from Nordstrom.
  4. Add fresh flowers to your home. Fresh flowers are so inexpensive and they make such a huge difference in your home. It also feels really good to buy yourself a bouquet. 😉 My favorite place to purchase fresh flowers is Trader Joes – specifically their roses for $6.99. I buy a couple of bouquets each week, and create two or three arrangements to place around my space.
  5. Play relaxing vibe-y music. There is nothing I love more than a GOOD playlist. At home, I am always listening to jazz. Specifically, elegant and upbeat jazz. I recently combined the best of a couple playlists I found on Spotify – Bossa Nova and Elegant Affair into Vibes. Here it is! Play it while you’re working, cooking, cleaning, anything really…you’ll love it.


They make you want to work out, right?

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I had been testing out a bunch of different workout shoes over the last couple of months. I have been running a lot more: 3-4 miles per day, about 4 days per week. I have developed plantar faciatis and it had become more unbearable when it came to running. I needed new shoes, bad.


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