No outfit is complete without a pair of sunglasses. At least for me. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, I’ve got a pair with me.

As much as I love a good pair of sunglasses, I can’t justify spending over $100 on them. Of course there have been exceptions to that rule, but they are very few and far between. There are SO many brands making similar styles to designer pairs for a fraction of the price. Plus, many designer pairs are made of the exact same materials as the “cheap” ones.

Since rocking a chic pair of sunglasses is one of the best ways to update your look, it’s another reason NOT to splurge on them. It’s so fun to keep up with the trends without breaking the bank, right?

SO- sharing with you guys some of my fave sunglasses of the moment below, including a few under $30 from Amazon (you know I love an Amazon score!).

+ Amazon Faves

Gucci dupe pair

YSL dupe pair

Chloe dupe pair