Hi loves! Happy Monday!

I know that posts have been sparse around here and I hate that. I have been working on new content and ramping up my tiny little space on YouTube, which I am so excited about. If there is anything that you want to see here on this blog, or on YouTube, please let me know in the comment section below!

Ok, on to boots. My favorite fall footwear. I love a good badass boot…they just add so much character to any outfit. 

I often find myself feeling happy and weightless knowing that even though I love the look of certain designer items, I don’t love that they are made from leather or suede and therefore I do not purchase those pieces. I am no longer vegan, but I just don’t agree with the leather industry. Most times, designer pieces equal leather, which also equals expensive. It can be frustrating when you just love the look of something, but don’t have the heart to buy it. 

This is why I love dupes! Personally, I see nothing wrong with dupes. Replicas are a different story. 

It doesn’t get much more badass than the Chloe Susanna boots. They’re studded, pointed, and have rocker-esque buckles. And I knew I wouldn’t be buying them, so I set out to find the perfect, comfortable dupes.

And I found them on Amazon, under $25. Crazy! Shop them right here.

While browsing, I found so many more killer dupes. See them below!