Every blogger and holistic article mentions coconut oil and its benefits. Everytime, it’s the same story: It makes an amazing hair mask, doubles as cuticle oil, it can whiten your teeth, and the list goes on! 

Yes, those things are true. I use coconut oil for so many different things, but today I’m going to talk about uses for coconut oil that aren’t as known and popular.

Consider yourself warned.

On this blog, I want to be able to be as open as possible. I do have a weird sense of humor and I like to be able to share non-mainstream tips and tricks…including taboo subjects. And my hope is for this little blog of mine to help others live the best possible life whether its by inspiring you with an outfit, sharing beautiful things (if any of you have been reading my blog since 2009, you’ll know it was first called Beautiful Things Diary…LOL), and discovering new tips and tricks. 

So, here are my favorite uses for coconut that you might not have heard about before:

Use as a natural pet toothpaste: It works well for humans, so it’s no surprise that coconut oil works wonders for pets and nixes bad kitty breath. 

Makeup remover: Ok, ok, I know this one is super common, but I had to mention it. I used to by makeup remover pads, but those are not only a waste of money, they don’t work well to remove eye makeup. And I’ve tried them all. With one swipe of coconut oil, your waterproof mascara and liquid liner will be GONE. Just rinse with water, then wash your face as usual after removing your makeup. 

Anti-dandruff treatment: I have psoriasis on my scalp. It’s one of the most annoying things that I deal with on a daily basis. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a type of fatty acid that reduces inflammation, fungus, and nasty microbes. This makes it perfect for keeping psoriasis at bay. 

A replacement for Summer’s Eve: Summer’s Eve is filled with perfumes and chemicals. It is NOT good for your vagina, and it is super drying as are many other products marketed to freshen up your Vag. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is moisturizing, has antibacterial properties, is pH balanced for use anywhere on and inside of your body, and will make your V-J smell as fresh as ever. Promise. 

…That said, it’s only natural that coconut oil is an amazing lubricant. Yes, as in for sex. Since it has antibacterial properties, it makes sense, right? Another plus, as with every other use, is that many store-bought lubricants are packed with crap that no one really wants to put on themselves. There’s even a website dedicated to using coconut oil as lube. See here.

Some coconut oil tips:

+ Always keep the lid on tight. Coconut oil absorbs bacteria (this is why oil pulling with coconut oil is so huge).

+ Organic, unrefined, and hexane free coconut oil is a MUST when you’re using it on your skin, or really with anything including cooking. 

If you’re planning to try any of these uses for coconut oil, please do your own research too.

Hopefully I haven’t weirded anyone out. Let me know what you think. Would you try any of these uses? What do you use coconut oil for?

xoxo, Lynn