Socks | CandleThe Year of Cozy | Pajamas | Throw | Mug | Eye Mask | Sweater | Robe 

This time of year I’m all about fancy coffees and hot chocolate (especially my newfound obsession with lavender lattes – see the recipe HERE), the warmest, unsexiest possible pajamas ever, fuzzy socks, burning a yummy candle, and blasting the heater at 72 degrees. 

Basically anything luxe and soft is right up my alley during this time of the year, and I know those things are what everyone else wants, too! 

The above goodies are either items that I already own and LOVE, or they are on my wishlist or in my basket for others. 

A shopping tip for those whom you’re stumped on:

No one likes to buy themselves a robe, so I believe that buying anyone and everyone a super luxe, cozy robe is the way to go especially if you’re stumped on what to buy for someone…man, woman, or child.

If you have any cozy shopping ideas, please let me know! I want to hear. cozy something you’ve purchased recently, I want to hear. 

Ok, I’m off to listen to jazz, drink my lavender latte, and turn on my fireplace video (basically the best invention EVER)!

xoxo, Lynn