Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen those big, beautiful round and square boxes filled with perfect roses. These flower boxes contain preserved roses that last one year and they start at $39 for ONE rose. Yes, one. For a dozen roses, you’re looking at upwards of $160. And for a large box? $1,500. 

These arrangements are so gorgeous, look pretty anywhere in the home, and do not require water or sunlight…which is amazing. But really, unless they’re a gift or you just really want to treat yo’ self, who wants to spend that much on flowers? Even though they last one year and you’re probably looking at the same cost for a year of fresh flower purchases, it’s still a lot of money to spend at once. 

Being the investigator that I am, I went on a mission to find out exactly how to recreate one of these gorgeous boxes on my own. Let me tell you, it is HARD to find a plain square or round box! This is what took the most time. I finally tracked one down at the Container Store for $4.99, and it’s perfect because it is a very similar style to some of the round hat box style boxes I’ve seen these flowers in. 

Let’s dive in to the how-to. What you’ll need:

+ 20 fresh roses (any color)

+ A box for arranging your flowers in

+ Floral foam (I used this kind)

+ Scissors

+ 10 lbs Silica gel (I used this kind)

+ One large container with an airtight lid or several smaller containers. Make sure they’re at least 2.5 inches high.


+ Place your fresh roses in water like usual and wait for them to open as you would like them to permanently look.

+ Once you’re ready to start the preservation process, remove flowers from water and remove all foliage/leaves.

+ Cut the stems at an angle, but leave 1 inch of stem intact.

+ Pour 1.5 inches of the silica gel into a container (or several smaller containers) and place the flowers facing up into the silica gel. Do not allow the flowers to touch eachother. 

+ Once you’ve arranged the flowers in the container(s), very gently pour silica gel into each of the flowers, getting inside of the petals. Then, gently pour the silica gel over the flowers until they are completely covered. Put a lid on the container(s), and wait for one week.

+ While you wait for your flowers to go through the preservation process, cut the floral foam to fit evenly inside of your box/container. Make sure you arrange them so that they’re as high as possible (you don’t want your flowers to be near the bottom of the container). 

+ Gently remove the preserved roses from the silica gel by pouring it out into a separate vessel slowly. Once you’ve retrieved all of your flowers, gently stick the remaining stems into the floral foam and arrange as desired.

The flowers will feel stiff, but they look very much alive! This silica gel package claims that when you use it, your flowers will last a lifetime. I’m not sure about that, as they are exposed to the elements and not in a preservation box, but I know that they will last much longer than fresh flowers.

My total cost breakdown:

+ Flowers: $15 for 20 roses from Trader Joes

+ Container: $4.99 

+ 2 boxes of Silica gel from Michaels with a 50% coupon code: $17

+ Floral foam from Michaels with 40% coupon: $3

= $40. 

This price totally beats all of the flower companies selling these boxes. I do understand why they’re so expensive; you literally have to treat every single flower with care and wait for them to preserve. But why not do it on your own and save hundreds of dollars? 

I am obsessed and everyone who comes over to my house has asked where I got the box. 

Let me know if you give this a try!

xoxo, Lynn