I have had this pair of white skinny jeans sitting my closet for years – plain & skinny white jeans remind me of The Real Housewives of Orange County circa 2009, and since I just couldn’t get past that image, I hadn’t worn them in a LONG time. Instead of taking them to Goodwill, I decided to distress them. Right now I’m loving the look of a simple, clean cut at the knees and luckily this was pretty easy to do while making it look like the jeans were store-bought this way.

Start with any pair of jeans you want to distress.

Step 1: Put the jeans on, and use a pencil or a piece of chalk to mark where you want them cut. Use the pencil or chalk to draw a complete line from start to end so that you don’t cut to big, too small, too long, or too short.

Step 2: Insert a credit card or a magazine inside the leg of the jeans and place it underneath the marked area. Take a pair of scissors and cut along the marked line.

Step 3: To add a bit of fray, use a razor and gently pull it across the openings. If you want a super distressed look, use a cheese grater instead. 

…And done! No more RHOC jeans.