I love the look of a professionally assembled bouquet, but buying florist/store-bought floral arrangements is mighty expensive (and less fun!) than making your own. My tips and instructions for making a florist-like arrangement:

1. Start with a low, wide vase. Visualize how and where you want to place certain flowers and then add tape to your vase to keep top-heavy flowers in their place (especially when placing them in the center). 

2. Cut the stems at an angle – this way, they’re able to absorb more flower food and water…they’ll stay alive and fresh much longer. Cut your stems so that the base of each flower hits the top of the vase. 

3. Arrange the flowers in and around the criss-crossed tape. Rearrange if needed! I like to use 2-3 colors within the same color family for a cohesive look, but I like to use at least two different kinds of flowers. I love how this purple/pink rose mixture looks with white hydrangeas!

All done! Last flower tip: hit up Trader Joes for fresh blooms. This entire arrangement cost $15.00. Yep! One dozen roses and 3 large hydrangeas for $15.