Lucite (interchangible with acrylic) curtain rods have been a decor favorite of mine since lucite everything exploded in the home-decor world a few years ago. They add an extra oomph of sparkle to any room while making your curtains look like they’re floating. Yes, they’re gorgeous, but the biggest downside? They are very expensive (as in about $800+ per rod!). I was determined to do my best DIY version, and I LOVE how they turned out. Also? The total cost came to about $215 for two rods, including brackets etc.

I am lucky to have a TAP Plastics near my house, where I purchased the rods. I had them cut to size, both at 1.5 inches by 6 feet long. If you don’t have a TAP Plastics or acrylic store near you, you can order from their website. They do have a 1 inch by 6 foot rod for $26.00. When purchasing your rod, make sure that it is solid. They are pretty sturdy, but if you go for a rod longer than 6 feet, I recommend purchasing an extra bracket for the center of your rod. 

I purchased the brackets from Restoration Hardware in size large. I believe the large is 1 3/4 inches around. 

Step 1: Measure the distance of the rod (6 feet)

Step 2: Measure 3-4 inches away from the end of each side and mark the wall with a pencil.

Step 3: Install your brackets where you made each marking. 

Step 4: Slide your curtains on to your rod and slip into the brackets. Ta-da!

I chose to leave the ends of the rods exposed, but you can certainly add decorative end-caps. 

List of products:

2 6 ft. long acrylic (or plastic) rods

4 large brass brackets

• A drill (you will need one to install these brackets).