Let me tell you a dirty (literally) little secret. I know it’s gross, but…I usually only wash my hair once a week. Sometimes every two weeks. Whew!! I feel like I just went to confession (I’m not Catholic). Usually I hear people say, “oh yeah, I’m so gross, I only wash my hair twice per week.” And in my head I’m thinking, “ok, I cannot tell this person that it’s been two weeks since I’ve washed my hair.” My secret to keeping my hair looking fab without washing it? Dry shampoo, 100%. 

My hair is naturally VERY dry. I suffer with psoriasis on my scalp (which is a story for another day), and this directly affects how greasy (or not) my scalp is. It’s both a cursing and a blessing, because I don’t often deal with greasy hair. 

You usually hear that dry shampoo is meant to get rid of the grease, which is true, however I use it to revive my hair. 

My tips and uses for dry shampooing:

Use dry shampoo sparingly only at the roots. 

If you coat your entire head with dry shampoo, you risk getting that crunchy/gross feeling. Applying dry shampoo to your roots livens up your hair by adding volume.

Spray 3-ish inches away from your roots.

This is to avoid that gray-cast and to not oversaturate your hair.

After spraying to your roots, wait one minute and then brush it out.

When you brush it out, you get even bouncier, voluminous hair. Plus, if there is any white cast in your hair, brushing will get rid of it.

Spray a shine spray over your hair (near the ends) after applying dry shampoo and styling.

This will give your hair a textured, shiny look that is perfectly effortless!

Do you use a dry shampoo? If so, what kind is your favorite?

xoxo, Lynn