A good lipstick is kind of like a good outfit, no? Just like a well put together outfit with a mixture of different colors and textures, a good makeup look should have the same appeal. My favorite way to wear liquid lipsticks is with radiant skin and a pop of shimmer on the inner corners of my eyes. Pair the shimmer with a matte lip, and you’ve got a well balanced makeup look.

I am in LOVE with Eden Cosmetics’ range of liquid lipsticks. The application is amazingly easy, and there is way less maintenance with these than there is with your typical lipstick. They stay on all day despite eating, drinking,  and kissing! Unlike many liquid lipsticks, Eden Cosmetics’ lippies are truly the least drying product I have tried. And I’ve tried A LOT!

Let’s talk colors, shall we?

Serene. This one probably my favorite of all. I love a good nude lip, and Serene delivers a wearable, not-dead looking color to your lips. It has a punch of warmth to it – I like that it is more on the coral side than pink.

On the left: Forbidden. A bold pinky red with matte shimmer – this one is SO gorgeous and so unique. It’s not your typical metallic liquid lipstick. It is more subtle and wearable. On the right: Wonder. This one makes a really fun statement lip! It’s a more wearable version of the gray hues that are really hot right now. Thinking I might wear this one to see Fifty Shades Darker…appropriate, right?!

Posh. A bold red that is more of a blue-red in tone than Forbidden. This baby is your true red color – classic and chic. It also makes your teeth look bright white!

Cashmere. In my opinion, Cashmere is the most versatile and the most wearable shade in the range. While it’s definitely darker than your basic nude lip color, it is still a nice everyday shade.

Swatches from left to right : Posh, ForbiddenWonder, Cashmere, Serene

How on-brand is this packaging? Eden Cosmetics is a cruelty free company, which really drew me to want to try out their range of liquid lipsticks. The greenery can be seen on their website and social media channels, and I love how it was incorporated into the package that I received from them. 

What is your opinion on liquid lipsticks? What are your favorite color(s) to wear?

Thank you to Eden Cosmetics for collaborating with me on this post! All opinions are my own.