Contouring is all the rage, and for good reason! It slims your face in all the right places and brings out your best features. One area that is not discussed in this arena is the eyes. You probably already contour your eyes without even knowing it, but I have taken it a step further to elongate my eyes without winged liner. In my opinion, contouring the eyes gives a much softer look to your appearance rather than applying winged liner for an everyday look. 

I love, love that bombshell and elongated eye look that looks natural, and I can’t get enough now that I’ve mastered the art! 

Here are my top tips for the contouring magic for your eyes:

The prep: Eyeshadow primer is the key to holding your eyeshadow in place – it is a must for me every single day. I use Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in Eden. I love how it counteracts redness in the skin too! After the primer is applied, use a 1 inch long piece of scotch tape and place it at outer corner of each eye slanted up so that the end points directly at the end of each eyebrow. This will keep the eyeshadow very crisp, and exactly where you want it to go. I do not apply foundation before this step since it would be removed with the removal of the tape.

Contouring magic: After you’ve applied your tape, take a matte nude or brown eyeshadow that is 2-4 times darker than your skin color. lightly blend it with a fluffy blending brush (I like Sigma’s E38 brush for this part) in a straight line from above your lid out towards the tape, touching it. Then, take a darker matte brown shadow and apply it to the outer v of your eye, using the tape as your guide. Remove the tape, and you’re almost done! After I remove the tape, I do the rest of my makeup but then I add the same color that I used on my crease to my lower lash line, right below the lashes for a blown out look. 

Extras: For that added bombshell look, add lashes (I love Ardell Wispies), and a pop of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes and beneath your brows. I promise this will make your eyes look huge and sultry!

Have you tried this method yet?

xoxo, Lynn

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