You know the phrase “I woke up like this”… I am constantly thinking of the queen herself (Beyonce) every time I talk about my lash extensions. Because I really did wake up like this…well, sort of. 

Not only do lash extensions make me look awake and refreshed even when I’m not, the best part is that having them shaves off a good 5-10 minutes of getting ready each morning. That is HUGE. No more mascara, no more false lashes…which I’m pretty lazy about putting on daily anyway. 

Nothing makes me feel instantly prettier. You have to give them a try if you wear mascara daily or if you love the look of full lashes without any fuss.

I have tried classic eyelash extensions and I have tried volume eyelash extensions. Both are great, and choosing between the two just depends on what you like. If you’re more of a natural gal who just wants some extra oomph in the lash department, classic lashes are your best bet. But for me, especially with my ultra blonde natural lashes, I wanted to be EXTRA. 

I’ve been getting volume lash extensions done for about two months now and I couldn’t be happier with them.

The process

Unlike classic eyelash extensions, which are placed one by one on every single natural lash you have, volume lashes (AKA 2D-10D lashes) are created with 2-10 professional grade false lashes made into fans and then applied to each natural eyelash. I cannot imagine a fan of 10 lashes on ONE eyelash, and wouldn’t recommend it, however 2D and 3D lashes are so fabulous. 

It’s really a peaceful experience with no pain. You lay down while a licensed technician applies the lashes, and I usually fall asleep! If you’re getting a full set of lashes, the process takes 1-2 hours. I have my lashes filled every two weeks and that takes about 45 minutes. 

I always ask for a wispy style. You’ve probably seen eyelash extensions that look like a bug is sitting on the person’s eye – no thank you! This look occurs when lashes of all the same length and volume are applied to each lash, creating a solid effect. Varying the length and volume is super important to get that fluttery, wispy look. I also ask for a more cat eye effect because I like my eyes to look more elongated.

Once you’re done, you’re good to go! There is no downtime. The one no-no is no hot water or steam around the eye for 24 hours. So make sure to shower, swim, surf, or whatever you plan to do around water beforehand. 

Upkeep and tips

+ The upkeep is truly very minimal. It’s recommended to wash your eyelash extensions, but I don’t. I wash my face everyday and I assume that my lashes are taken care of in the process. 

+ Never use oil around your eyelashes, as this will soften the adhesive. You know I’m ALL about oils, and I still use them around my eyes, I just don’t apply any oil to my lash line…who does?! 

+ Brush your lashes out every morning. If you sleep on your side, sometimes the lashes get kind of wonky and turn in different directions. Brushing them with a disposable mascara wand does the trick, and also cleans any residual makeup off. 

+ This tip is most important: find a professional technician who has experience and uses the best products. I researched and looked at Yelp and Instagram – pictures are SO important! This is a beauty treatment that I would not recommend buying a groupon for, or going with the cheapest option. 

Have you tried eyelash extensions? Let me know which kind you’ve tried!

Happy (almost) Friday!

xo, Lynn