FALSIES. They do WONDERS for your eyes! Before I go in to how to apply them – let’s talk about eyelash extensions. Yes, they’re gorgeous and effortless, however I found it to be hard to keep them super black throughout the time before I would go to get them filled in. They’re also super pricey, and the time commitment to lay there to have them applied is a lot. 

I love to wear false eyelashes because I can choose what ‘style’ I want for whatever the oeccasion is. 99% of the time I buy drugstore lashes, specifically Wispies. They are just dramatic enough and just natural looking enough to be worn day or night. No drag queen look with Wispies! 😉 Nothing wrong with that, but for those who want a glam yet natural look, try Wispies. I buy Ardell and Eylure. They are identical. What I love about the Wispies is that the band is so thin, which makes it very easy to apply the lashes. What takes the cake for this style? The fact that they give me a bombshell, cat eye look without having to pound on the liner and eyeshadow. Recently, I’ve been all about a VERY minimal eye look. Just glam lashes and that’s about it. 

We’ve all seen the bad lash application jobs, whether the lashes are too long for someone’s eyes, or they’re hanging off in one area, or the glue is very visible. Yikes! Here’s how I’ve mastered applying falsies with a natural appearance:


+ Lashes

+ Scissors

+ Lash Glue

+ Tweezers


Remove the lashes from the packaging and apply each lash strip to the base of your lashes. If they’re too long (which they most likely are), trim off the excess so that they fit your eye perfectly. Always trim from the inner corner.


Apply your mascara(s) first. Wait 5 minutes to apply your lashes after putting your mascara on. Apply a very thin line of glue to the strip of the lashes. Wait one minute for it to get tacky. Many say 30 seconds, but I find that the glue is still a bit watery after just 30 seconds. Then, drop the lashes carefully on top of your real lashes, as close to the base of your lashes as possible. 


Grab your tweezers, and very carefully bond your falsies to your real lashes by gently pressing near the base of the lashes with the tweezers. And you’re done!


Do you wear falsies? If so, what is your favorite lash brand & style?

Xo, Lynn