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As I have become an almost-vegan (I realize that I cannot call myself a vegan because I eat fish), I have become much more mindful of my purchases other than food. While I do still own leather shoes and leather handbags, I have not purchased any wearables that contain animal products since switching over to a much more plant based diet, and educating myself more on animal welfare. When I think of the word “vegan” or even “vegan shoes”, I think of hippie-dippie, woven TOMS-style shoes, but the world of ethical fashion is evolving and growing so fast. There are beautiful, well made options available to everyone. 

A couple of my favorite faux leather closet staples. Read the post here.

All of these accessories, including the shoes are from Forever 21! They have amazing faux leather pieces. Get all of the outfit details here.

In love with this blue bag! Get the outfit details here.

I love learning about new vegan brands, so if you have a favorite, please share in the comments below!

xo, Lynn