CUTE sneakers can be hard to find. You know, not the athleisure style and not a gym shoe. But an everyday sneaker. Luckily they are becoming more and more readily available and popular. 

I am super picky when it comes to any piece of clothing and shoes, so when I find a good pair of sneakers that I love I have to get them. Buying sneakers for my size 10 feet can be difficult – I like to avoid the clown foot look at all costs! 

Anyway, I am completely obsessed with these white Gucci inspired beauties that I got at Target. They were only $28, a HUGE difference from the $730 pair from Gucci. It’s a no brainer.

I love me a good white pair of shoes because they’re sleek. Yes, I think even sneakers can be sleek. Need a tip on keeping white shoes clean? White shoe polish does the trick!

I love wearing these with jeans and a baggy sweater, or a simple t-shirt dress with a drapey cardigan. 

See how similar the two are below?