We’ve all seen extensions that LOOK like extensions. You know, extra glossy, plastic looking hair or the mushroom head look. Not ideal.

First things first: invest in high quality, real, human hair. I have tried several different brands of hair extensions, and The Hair Shop’s hair is the absolute best. It is extremely high quality, and I also love that they have such a wide variety of colors and color applications. For example – they have solid colors, highlights, ombré, balayage, and more. 

I am wearing a mix of two different colors,  610 and P640.

The 610 color is available in the 22″ 6 piece and 7 piece sets. HERE is the link. P640 is available in other sets – I ordered the Skinny Clip In’s to add more volume and dimension.

Next, have your extensions cut by a professional. Do not take matters into your own hands (literally). Trust me from experience! 

I had these cut at a salon to blend seamlessly with my natural hair. They were 22 inch long extensions, and they are now about 20-21 inches. Ask your stylist to cut your extensions very conservatively as far as length goes, because you can always go shorter later.

After having my extensions cut, I removed and labeled each piece with an explanation of where it is to be clipped in next time. Example: Above ear right. I store each piece in a bag along with the sticky note label, so that I know exactly where to clip them in each time. This way, your face framing layers won’t be stuck to the back of your head.

+ If you have thin hair, tease it at the root so that your extensions have something to grab onto. This will keep them very secure. 

+ I do not clip my extensions in any higher than about an inch above ear level, and I recommend this for most, as you don’t want any wefts showing when you move, dance, bend over etc. 

+ Style your hair AFTER clipping the extensions in. You can see that my natural hair is not yet blended with the extensions in the photo above. If you’re curling your extensions, make sure to combine your natural hair with the extensions each time you wrap it through the iron to create a seamless look.

+ This face shows how I feel about those shorter pieces of natural hair that love to peek out from underneath, making the extensions look fake. Yes, there’s a solution for that…

+ Grab a clear hair elastic, gather all of your natural hair below the first set of clip-ins, tie it in a ponytail, and then pin it up with a bobby pin.

I know this sounds exhausting, but it’s really not. Let me know if you have any extensions tips and tricks. I’m always learning new, inventive ways to wear them.

xo, Lynn