My biggest tip for losing weight, toning up, shrinking in general? INTERVALS, AKA HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Intervals make for the perfect cardio sessions for so many reasons. The benefits?

Glad you asked.


+ HIIT burns more calories and the burn lasts longer than a constant state of cardio

+ The high intensity/low intensity intervals are easier to stick to and make it more interesting

+ It’s time saving

+ Less risk of heart problems

+ Intervals increase your endurance

So amazing, right? Start doing intervals and start melting the pounds.

Right now, I am doing cardio intervals on the treadmill about 3 days per week, but I am upping that to a minimum of 5. I love the way that I feel afterward, and I notice big changes in my body very quickly when I do consistent HIIT workouts.

HIIT workouts/interval training can take many different forms, but my favorite is done on the treadmill. Here is my workout:

2 minutes: Walking warmup

1 minute: Sprint

2 minutes: walk

3 minutes: incline at 9 and fast walking

1 minute: walk

2 minutes: run at a steady pace

2 minutes: walk

2 minutes: incline at 12 and fast walking

1 minute: walk

2 minutes: sprint

And repeat. I like to increase my incline each time the incline round comes up to make it even more challenging.

Tell me your HIIT workouts!

xo, Lynn