You know I am the queen of neutrals. I wear a lot of black, a lot of blush, a lot of nude, as well as white. One of my favorite pairs of shoes are my white Gucci-esque loafers…however I’ve been finding myself leaning towards darker pairs of shoes lately, like black, gold, and nude. I started making mental notes of what I was pairing those white shoes with and why they looked weird to me with some outfits.


It all has to do with hair. Yep, hair color. When I was blonde, I wore so much more white. I even wore white sunglasses, which now look really harsh on me. I tested this theory out, and shopping for neutrals that match your hair really works if you’re trying to discover your neutral color. Mine is nude/blush. My hair is a dark BRONDE (it’s a color, okay?) right now, so I can switch it up between darker colors like black and dark brown as well. But the overall color of my hair matches nude clothing and accessories so well. 

I like to sprinkle in nudes throughout my outfits. Maybe it’s a nude top with any color on bottom, paired with nude shoes. Or a colorful outfit with nude accessories. Just let the look be balanced and I promise you will look so put together.

If your hair is dark, invest in darker items – black will never do you wrong. If you are bronde or have lighter brown hair, go for the nudes, grays, and even a light shade of olive green. If you’re blonde, well aren’t you lucky! Go for whites and light blushes. 

xo, Lynn