The Tools:
Cuticle Trimmer//Cuticle Pusher//Glass Nail File//Eyeliner Brush//Nail Clippers//Toothbrush//Cotton Balls//Rose Hand Cream//Small Hand Towel//Nail Buffer//Cuticle Remover Gel//Orly Bonder Base Coat//Out The Door Topcoat//Nail Polish Remover//Spray Bottle (not pictured)//

Step 1: Remove your current nail polish if you’re wearing some. I like to use an acetone remover for a quick removal process.

Step 2: Clip and file nails to your desired length and shape. I use a glass file, as classic emery boards are too rough on nails and can create snags.

Step 3: After your nails are shaped how you want, clean them with the scraper that attached to most nail clippers and then dip an old toothbrush in warm, soapy water and scrub each nail. 

Step 4: Apply cuticle remover gel to your cuticles, and gently push them back with a cuticle pusher. If you have a lot of extra skin around your nails, use a cuticle clipper and gently remove excess dead skin. Wipe your nails off with a warm, moist towel.

Step 5: (Optional): Buff and shine nails with a buff and shine block. 

Step 6: Hydrate your hands with your favorite moisturizer. I love L/Ocittane’s Rose Hand Cream, as I’m obsessed with rose scents and it leaves my hands moisturized, not greasy.

Step 7: Create a mixture of about 70 percent rubbing alcohol and 30 percent water in a spray bottle and spray it directly to your nails. This step preps your nails for nail polish by removing oils and also acts as an antibacterial agent. 

Step 8: Apply your base coat. My favorite is Orly’s Bonder Base Coat. It does what is says it does: bonds the base coat to the nail polish for a longer wear. I love that it’s thin too.

Step 9: Apply your nail polish of choice. I chose L’Oreal’s Lacey Lilac today. It’s the perfect lilac with a hint of soft pink. 

Step 10: Remove any nail polish that got on your skin with a thin eyeliner brush dipped in nail polish remover. I like to do this before the topcoat is applied because I find that it helps to do this step before the polish completely hardens.

Step 11: Apply your topcoat. My absolute favorite is Out The Door. And it’s true, it dries SO fast, that you can literally be out the door in three minutes after painting your nails.