If you wear makeup, you most likely use brushes. Cleaning them is an important part of any makeup routine, but is often overlooked…or not done nearly often enough. I am so guilty of this because it is one of my least favorite chores. Like worse than cleaning the toilet. Anyone else?

Just thinking about all of the disgusting bacteria and zit inducing stuff on dirty brushes is enough to motivate me to wash them once a week. I have tried many different cleansers and methods, and I now have my washing routine down to save the integrity of my brushes and properly clean them without drying out the skin on my hands. 

The products: A gentle baby shampoo and Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove.

How To:

1.  Turn the faucet on using warm water. Hold your brush(es) under the water, and always keep them facing downward to avoid the glue loosening the bristles. I have ruined brushes before by letting the water soak up the glue. No bueno! 

2. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of baby shampoo onto the brush you’re cleaning, and swirl the bristles onto your cleaning glove. You will see the makeup melting away and it is so satisfying!

3. Reapply shampoo as needed until the water runs clear. 

4. Once each brush is clean, pat dry, and place them upside down in a bowl or cup to let the water dry without loosening the glue. 

For my beauty Blender or any makeup sponge, I LOVE the solid beauty blender cleaner. It makes your sponges like new again. 

I hope you picked up some makeup brush care tips today! I wish I would have known about some of these before – it would have saved me from ruining brushes in the past. 

xo, Lynn