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Say goodbye to off-the-shoulder tops – bell sleeves are here to stay (for now)! The 70’s fashion trend that recently made a huge comeback, and I love it so much more than the off-the-shoulder trend. Maybe it’s because I never feel secure baring my shoulders for fear of my boobs sagging in strapless bras. Surely someone understands the pain…right?

Bell sleeves are one of the most feminine looks – any flare cut gives a very soft look AND they add a statement.

Top Tips for Styling a Bell Sleeved Top or Dress:

1. Pair it with its antithesis, so a pair of ripped jeans, dark denim, a faux leather skirt…you get the idea. Having the juxtaposed look adds interest and personality to your look.

2. Add a pretty stack of rings to add even more interest where people’s eyes are already headed.

3. If your bell sleeves have buttons, unbeaten them for an even more exaggerated flare. More is more!

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