how to ice roll your face

Picture this: spent Friday night drinking a couple glasses of rosé and then Saturday morning rolls around…and looking in the mirror is not so fun. Maybe you’re puffy, or you have bags under your eyes.

I’ve been there. Even when I’m not drinking the night before!

This is why I use ice on my face every single morning.

Ice facials, cryotherapy, ice rolling, and cold plunges are a total thing but for very good reason. I first discovered the cold trend in 2007 when I read Victoria Beckham’s hot tip in her book, That Extra Half an Inch. She recommended taking an ice cold shower to tighten everything, including the face was when I started flirting with cold therapy.

Now that I’ve been practicing ice rolling and gua sha for a long time, here is my current routine that really works:

Step 1: After getting out of bed, I make my coffee and grab the ice roller and gua sha tool out of my freezer. I bring them into the bathroom with my coffee (love this ritual of drinking my coffee while ice rolling).

Step 2. I dampen my face with Andalou Naturals Floral Spray Toner, then I use Mad Hippie Antioxidant Oil all over my face, including my eye area.

Step 3: Once my face and neck are hydrated and greased up, I use the ice roller starting from the top of my forehead, all the way down my neck, and repeating this all over my face a few times.

Step 4: Next up is the Gua Sha tool. The primary reason I use the Gua Sha tool in addition to the ice roller is because I can be more precise and target certain areas, such as my undereyes. An added bonus is that is feels SO GOOD. It’s like a massage. I usually use the Gua Sha tool cold, taken from the freezer just like the ice roller, but you don’t have to do this. I find that the cold Gua Sha helps a lot more especially under the eyes.

Hot tip: if you have a special event or just want a little extra pampering, apply an eye mask under each of your eyes and then use the ice roller or cold Gua Sha tool on top. You will be SNATCHED. My favorites are the Wander Beauty Baggage Claim masks.



This is the biggest thing for me, and it’s why I ice first thing in the morning. Another tip: if you have puffiness elsewhere on your body, use an ice roller there! It works.


Ice therapy shrinks your pores temporarily. If you have larger pores, the difference will be very noticeable.


With everyday use, you will notice that your skin is less red, especially if you have rosacea (which I do). I have seen a huge difference in the redness factor. If you have eczema, acne, or psoriasis, cold therapy helps with this, too.

I hope you love these ice therapy tips and tricks – they really get the job done.

xx, lynn