This eyeliner is SO good that it’s getting its own post. I have NEVER used a liquid liner like this one. I’m going to call out some brands here that I have used for years, and they do not compare to Illamasqua’s liner. Note: I still love these makeup brands, but this baby takes the cake. 

I have used drugstore, super high end, and everything in between when it comes to liners. I am a wing-liner fanatic because I like to elongate the look of my eyes everyday, even if I’m not wearing eyeshadow. 

I have used all of Kat Von D’s liners, L’Oreal liquid liners, Urban Decay, Stila, The Balm liner, and the list goes on. What I found with the above liners is that they would go on beautifully, but throughout the day, they’d fade, sometimes completely off on some areas. And yes, I prime my eyelids everyday I wear makeup. 

The Illamasqua Precision Ink liner unless you use an eye makeup remover. It is waterproof for real. Plus, it’s super easy for those of us without steady hands to create the perfect wing.

Wing tip: Use a piece of scotch tape by placing a 1 inch piece angled up towards the edge of your eyebrows on each eye, underneath the waterline. Draw your wing on along the line of the tape. Once you’re done, peel the tape away and you have a line so sharp it’ll CUT. 

I really have never seen such a true, bold black liner before. You NEED it if you’re a liquid liner fiend like myself. 

What’s also cool about this product: you can use it for nail art, as stated on the product page. Get it right HERE.

Let me know if you try this one out, and if you like it!

xoxo, Lynn