OH.MY.GOODNESS. I can’t believe that I did not try this out sooner. Yes, ALL of this pictured above is 100% vegan, gluten free, AND sugar free. Yes, it’s kind of false advertising, because this not an actual In N Out burger. Not even the lettuce or tomato. 

Let’s go back in time, shall we? I stopped eating beef when I was 13 years old. On a road trip from Northern California to Southern California, I saw all of the cows lined up and confined for miles near Harris Ranch. I asked my parents about it, and they explained to me the cows’ destiny. I knew before what beef was, but actually putting two and two together and actually seeing those poor souls made me decide that I was done with beef. It took another several years to cut out other animal products, but at 13, this is what I had decided. Before I completely cut off beef, I decided I would eat one last burger…my favorite: an In N Out burger. I might have had 2 or 3, actually. And after that, no more. To this day, I have not eaten beef since that night at In N Out with my dad who laughed and said I wouldn’t be able to do it. Ha!

If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, you’ve probably tried so many different kinds and brands of veggie burgers. So have I. They are not created equal. Some are amazingly delicious but taste nothing like meat, others just taste like nasty cardboard. 

I recently discovered Beyond Meat burgers. And wow, wow, wow are they GOOD! Beyond Meat burgers are the closest resemblance to real beef burgers that I have tried. Now, if you’re like me, you’re disgusted by the thought of meat, but I can tell you that eating these vegan burgers doesn’t feel like meat. They are not only vegan, but they’re also wheat free and free of added sugar, which you don’t find very often with vegan packaged foods. I love that they are wholesome and pack a punch of 23 grams of protein per burger. 

Back to the recipe.


For the burgers:

+ Beyond Meat burgers

+ Romaine lettuce

+ 1 Heirloom tomato

+ Yellow onion slices

For the In N Out Secret Sauce:

+ 1/2 cup of Veganise (vegan mayo)

+ 2 tbsp sugar free ketschup

+ 2 tbsp sugar free dill pickle relish (I get mine at Sprouts)

+ 1 tsp lemon juice

+ 2 tbsp white wine vinegar

…Mix these ingredients together, and wa-la!



+ Cook the burgers as directed on package

+ Once cooked, place your burger on top of a large piece of romaine lettuce (or two) 

+ Add a slice of your heirloom tomato on top

+ Add 3-4 slices of yellow onion

+ Add a spoonful of In N Out sauce

Let me know if you guys try this! It’s so yummy. Even if you’re not vegan, this sauce is so much healthier than In N Out’s version and it tastes the same.

xoxo, Lynn