OUTFIT: Flaunt Boutique

Anything that saves me time when getting dressed is a major win…which is why I love jumpsuits. They’re a one and done kind of deal and I love that you can look instantly put together without much thought at all. 

During the winter months, it seems like jumpsuits are forgotten by way of all of the sweater dresses, dusters, and jeans and sweater combos. But really, they are so much easier to wear than all of the above. 

If you have any lingering thoughts about pulling one off – don’t! Jumpsuits come in so many different shapes, sizes, and styles these days. There IS one for everyone. If you want to tone the jumpsuit-y look down a tad, my advice is to layer. 

My favorite for a girly jumpsuit? Layer a bomber on top and you will look COOL. Without even trying. 

Off to watch The Bachelor now – does anyone else feel like this season is all dictated by the producers? Even so, I can’t stop watching…

xoxo, Lynn

Thank you to Flaunt Boutique for collaborating with me on this blog post!