Well hello there! Happy Monday to you! I hope you’ve all had a fabulous weekend. I spent a part of the weekend planning new content for AGU, and I think you’re really going to love what’s coming. I mentioned in my revamp post that I have been wanting to talk more candidly about certain topics, and I am currently mapping that out – from wedding tips from a divorcee to anxiety to handling divorce. 

Now that I’ve gone off on that tangent, let’s get in to a much lighter topic! The lace-up trend. I love it so much for so many reasons, but mostly because you can find most wearables that have a lace-up detail that adds much more interest. Lace-up shoes, tops, pants, sweaters etc. give your outfit an added edge whether your style is sophisticated, sexy, preppy, boho, the list goes on. 

I personally love adding just a little touch of glam and sexiness to an outfit with lace-up details without going completely overboard. 

If you are larger busted like me and don’t want to parade around looking like a porn star, I recommend going for a tee that has a lace-up detail but does not plunge below the Sternum. 

Not so sure about lace-ups on clothing? Try a pair of lace-up shoes! These are also such an easy and cost effective way to update your wardrobe. I was feeling extra daring and wore my tee and shoes together. Another tip: don’t wear more than two lace-up items together, and preferably separate them between a pair of pants, a skirt, etc.

How do you feel about lace-up items? 

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xo, Lynn