My favorite pair of loafers from New Look: love the wide fit! 

Summer is THE time to experiment with your style, and I have been doing a lot of it this summer.

For the record, I have hated loafers until very recently. I think because to me, they looked very matronly and ‘old’. But now there are so many new shapes and colors…and I’m really loving them now. That said, I still can’t get into the fur-lined Gucci loafers. They are one of the ugliest pairs of shoes I have EVER seen. And I can’t help but think of sweaty feet matting up the fur. Yuck.

The loafer style I’m loving is a spinoff of the ultra feminine lace up flat look meets masculine chic. No clunkiness around here. 

Lucky for me, I don’t buy leather when I can help it, so many times my options are less expensive. If you love to look glam or girly and you’re on a budget, behold the best embellished, pointy, and metallic loafers:

How do you feel about loafers? Love? Hate?

xo , Lynn