With Lodi being an hour-long drive from our house, we’ve started to discover all of the great wine and food that the area has to offer. Plus, I have become an Old Vine Zin aficionado and that is exactly what Lodi is known for as far as wine is concerned. The sleepy little town in BFE is know becoming a major hot spot for wine lovers. What’s so great about Lodi is that it is not touristy (ahem, Napa) yet, it is less expensive to taste, and the wines are delicious! 

1. m2: My favorite winery in Lodi so far! From the outside, it looks kind of un-assuming and warehouse-y, but step inside and you get a total industrial chic vibe. There are a couple of lounge areas, and during the summer, they arrange it as a kind of inside-out theme with walls that open up to the outside to take in the view of the vineyards. The wine is balanced and complex – if you love Zinfandels and/or Cabernets, don’t pass this one up!

2. The Dancing Fox: This cute spot is right in the center of downtown Lodi. It is so charming! The Dancing Fox is known for their winery, but also the restaurant and bakery. It’s the perfect place to stop for brunch before or in between wine tasting.

5. LangeTwins: While you’re walking to the entrance of the tasting room, the winery looks like a behemoth. There are massive metal tanks that soar to the sky, and big buildings. We learned that they produce millions of cases per year! It was refreshing to taste some really yummy white wines – especially the Gewürtztraminer which is typically a very sweet wine, but here it was subtle and dry.

Have you been wine tasting in Lodi? Share your faves!

xoxo, Lynn