I am a big believer in saving money on clothing and using what I already own to create new and well put together outfits. I’ve learned that I do not need to own expensive pieces to look expensive! If you’re a regular here, you know that I LOVE me a good Forever 21 purchase! Here are my tips for looking more expensive:

1) Stick to neutrals

My favorite neutral is white. It looks crisp and clean, and easily pairs with any other neutral color OR colorful items. What I love about having a mostly neutral color palette in my closet is that pretty much everything can be mixed and matched to create so many different outfits!

2) Take care of what you have

Anyone that has pets knows this struggle. With my two kitties, I am CONSTANTLY lint rolling my clothes. If you have pets, invest in a lint roller. Whether you’re wearing a $100 t-shirt or a $10 t-shirt that is covered in pet hair, it’s not going to look chic and put together. It looks sloppy. When washing your clothes, hang them to dry. This saves the integrity of the material and the color. I always wash my clothes (aside from socks and underwear) in cold water, and then hang to dry. Lastly, invest in a steamer. This is a major lifesaver. I use this one, and it is perfect for at-home use or for travel as it fits neatly into any size suitcase or travel bag. 

3) As a general rule, buy clothes that are bigger vs. smaller

I love blazers as they give me a really nice streamlined look. My shoulders are pretty broad as is my bust, so I buy blazers that fit me well in those areas. I’ll have the waist taken in for a nice hourglass, tailored look.

4) Wear pointed shoes

This is such an easy way to instantly look more expensive. I have a pair of pointed toe black heels and a pair of pointed toe black flats, and they are my staple shoes. They elongate your legs and add an heir of sophistication to your outfit. 

xoxo, Lynn