A cluttered house causes a cluttered mind. Nope, I did not coin this phrase but it is SO TRUE. Right?

I’ve been going through all of my things, section by section, in my house to clear out the clutter and it feels so damn good. But on that note, one of the most challenging spaces to organize is the makeup area. Can you relate?

If you looked into my makeup drawer(s) a couple weeks ago, you’d see a million products and most of them were OLD or had been barely used. Unless I’m going to a wedding or a special event, the makeup I use day to day is pretty much the same.

I shared some of this organization and makeup clean-out on Instagram Stories – if you saw those stories, you might have seen that I had makeup products that were up to 19 years old. YIKES. For the record, I DID keep the one 19-year-old product…it’s a glitter from Stila that I bought with my allowance at Macy’s. NO, I will not put it on my face.

Here’s how I cleared out the makeup clutter:

  1. Throw away what you don’t use: This is so painful but so necessary. I had a green eyeshadow hanging out in my drawer for 6 years because it’s a pretty color but I never wore it. Not once.
  2. Pay attention to shelf life. Ok, this is a BIG one. And ohhh boy was I breaking all of the rules here. I’m happy to say that now most of my makeup falls in line with how long you should be keeping your items. Here’s a quick guide for you to use.
  3. Go through your makeup tools, too. There were so many tools I wasn’t using, like old beauty blenders, duplicate lash curlers, pencil sharpeners, etc. I tossed the duplicates and the items I didn’t need.

My makeup drawers are now super organized and I only have what I really love and use. BTW, do you have a vanity, or do you do your makeup in the bathroom? I have a vanity in my bedroom and it feels just a little juvenile…

xo, Lynn