The end of summer is here, and it is a time when many are uninspired and/or do not want to invest in any new warm weather clothing. Me included. I am so bored with my wardrobe, and it happens everytime a new season is right around the corner. I mix and match items to make my outfits more interesting and fun to wear…doing this really does make a big difference. I feel like a broken record because I mention this in every other blog post, but when I mix things up, I like to pair feminine items with more rocker-chic pieces or in this case, menswear inspired items.

If you’re more a girly girl (like me), you probably have lacy tops, frilly skirts, florals etc. in your closet. Pair one of these items with something menswear inspired (see the juxtaposition here?) and you’ve already got yourself a not so basic outfit. Here I paired a lacy top, a menswear inspired vest, and distressed denim for a more personalized and juxtaposed look. WOW did that sound like I take my style way, way too seriously! Promise I’m not that big of a self-important asshole. An added bonus of a vest is that it helps cover big boobs – my favorite part!